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Broadcom Sues Emulex for Patent Infringement

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM) , a global leader in wired and wireless communications, announced today that it has commenced litigation against Emulex Corporation (NYSE:ELX) for infringement of Broadcom patents related to networking and communications technologies.

In its complaint, filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Broadcom alleges that Emulex infringes 10 Broadcom patents: 6,424,194; 6,766,389; 7,038,516; 7,215,169; 7,239,636; 7,295,555; 7,313,623; 7,450,500; 7,471,691; and 7,486,124. These patents cover a broad range of high speed data and storage networking technologies, including integrated circuit design, serializer/deserializer (SerDes), TCP offload engine (TOE), remote direct memory access (RDMA), Fibre Channel, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet technologies. These patents are among Broadcom's portfolio of more than 3,580 U.S. patents, 1,350 foreign patents and 7,350 additional pending patent applications.

"As we developed our plans for the Fibre Channel over Ethernet market, we discovered that Emulex is infringing multiple Broadcom patents in an effort to use Broadcom technology to compete against both our existing and future products," said David Rosmann, Broadcom's Vice President for Intellectual Property Litigation. "We believe Emulex is infringing a broad range of Broadcom patents; we are concerned that Emulex's infringement is pervasive."

Rosmann added, "Broadcom's actions today are consistent with our record of successfully protecting our intellectual property, which includes one of the broadest patent portfolios in the communications semiconductor industry."

Broadcom is seeking both monetary damages and injunctive relief to stop Emulex's continued infringement.
About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is a major technology innovator and global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications. Broadcom products enable the delivery of voice, video, data and multimedia to and throughout the home, the office and the mobile environment. We provide the industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip and software solutions to manufacturers of computing and networking equipment, digital entertainment and broadband access products, and mobile devices. These solutions support our core mission: Connecting everything .

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