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Broadband Growth Still Breaking Records

South Korea could lose its long-held top spot as the country with the highest penetration of broadband access as rivals like Hong Kong gain ground.

According to the latest figures from Point Topic -- which collates statistics for the DSL Forum -- with 21 broadband lines per 100, Hong Kong is now only 3.4 per 100 lines behind and growing much faster than South Korea.

Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Switzerland are already in the 15 lines per 100 area, according to Point Topic.

The market research group also says the number of broadband lines worldwide increased by almost 55 percent to over 123 million in the 12 months to June 2004.

DSL lines increased by over 30 million, or 66 percent, to 78 million. Cable modem and other broadband lines increased by nearly 13 million, or 39 percent to 45 million.

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