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Boingo And Vodaphone Announce Major VoIP-Over-WiFi Service

Boingo Wireless and Vonage have partnered to co-market a service that allows business travelers to make VoIP phone calls with Vonage softphoness from Boingo WiFi hot spots.

The service will allow travelers to make and take phone calls at Boingo's network of 11,000 airports, cafes, and hotel WiFi hot spots around the world. The bundle includes Vonage's SoftPhone service and Boingo's Wi-Fi service. Travelers can connect a softphone to their laptop, such as the XPRO SoftPhone, from XTEN, the preferred Vonage softphone client, and then make phone calls from any Boingo hot spot.

A trial of the service will be conducted by the end of the year. The offering will then be rolled out at major retail locations where consumers can now purchase the Vonage service.

"History has shown that adding mobility to any type of communications has proven to be a winning combination and I think we are on the verge of that happening again with VoIP," Peter Barris, managing general partner of New Enterprise Associates and a board member for both Boingo and Vonage, said in a statement.