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Big IPTV Networks To Grow Eightfold By 2009: Report

The number of IPTV networks with over 100,000 subscribers will grow from five today to more than 40 by 2009, according to a new report by MGR, Inc. The report adds that on-demand viewing will become a major driver of IPTV.

The report, "Mega Scale IPTV Networks: How to Create Very Large IPTV Networks," notes that big providers such as AT&T/SBC, Verizon, and France Telecom are busy expanding their IPTV services and creating new models for delivering content.

It says that key to growing IPTV networks are two factors --- the underlying network architecture, and bandwidth accommodation.

"Careful engineering will be key," Bob Larribeau, MRG Senior Analyst said in a statement. "Distributing IPTV functions to the edge and paying attention to software architecture will clearly facilitate the scaling of IPTV networks."