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Ballmer Memo Outlines 2005 Goals

It's that time of the year again.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has sent out his companywide memos, citing last year's successes and challenges and setting goals for the upcoming year.

Not unexpectedly, he uses the missive, which was examined by CRN, to tout some familiar themes, including the ubiquitous "Integrated Innovation" mantra.

"Integrated Innovation is about a customer experience where using Microsoft products together gives you a 'whole' that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is not about creating technical dependencies across groups for their own sake," Ballmer wrote.

The much-touted and much-delayed Longhorn version of Windows will crank the Integrated Innovation plan up a notch, he noted. "We have a lot of hard work yet to do on Longhorn to deliver the right capability. We decided to release a number of products before Longhorn so we can take the time to get it right, and to prioritize the important security features of XP SP2. But all products after Longhorn will deliver on Integrated Innovation by building on its next-generation capabilities."

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