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AT&T Adds Weapon Against Denial Of Service Attacks

AT&T is integrating a network-based option designed to block denial of service (DoS) and distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks from overwhelming enterprise networks. The AT&T DDoS Defense option is being integrated into AT&T's Internet Protect predictive intrusion alerting service.

Internet Protect massages 1.3 petabytes daily, and DDoS Defense represents the major line of defense against massive intrusions, while allowing legitimate transmissions to proceed to their targeted cyber addresses. The firm stated: "AT&T Internet Protect will integrate real-time attack mitigation, stopping DoS and DDoS attack traffic floods within AT&T's network before they reach the customer."

The new defense option is based on technologies developed by Cisco Systems and Arbor Networks. The technology draws upon experience gained in normal traffic patterns, behavior, and protocol compliance, and compares enterprise traffic flows. "The mitigation option uses the principles of analysis, filtering, scrubbing, and diversion," the company said. "When an attack is detected, suspicious traffic is immediately diverted for scrubbing to remove attack flows without disrupting legitimate transactions."