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AMD's Ruiz Expects Increased 64 Bit Momentum

AMD President and Chief Executive Hector Ruiz expects AMD's 64 bit processors to continue to gain momentum despite rival Intel Corp's aim to offer 64-bit extensions for its 32-bit Xeon server platform.

"I don't know of anybody that has seen any of the product yet that is going to compete with Opteron," Ruiz said. Speaking on a conference call with Wall Street analysts Wednesday, Ruiz stressed that AMD's 64 bit Opteron processor is an eighth generation processor with an integrated memory controller and HyperTransport technology for higher bandwidth compared with what he called a "seventh generation processor" from Intel with an "added instruction set."

Ruiz said the integrated technology gives AMD an advantage that he insisted "customers will see the value of pretty quickly."

Intel, which claims it is not losing market share to AMD, said in February that it expects to deliver 64 bit extensions to Xeon sometime this quarter. AMD has trumpeted the Intel decision to add the 64 bit extensions as a validation of the momentum behind 64 bit computing.

Ruiz told analysts he expects AMD's 64 bit processor momentum to "accelerate in the second half of the year as the [64 bit] software ecosystem begins to get stronger." Most importantly, Ruiz said that Microsoft's expected release of 64 bit Windows XP client support in the second half will boost AMD's sales prospects.

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