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AMD Announces Open Platform Management Architecture Spec

MANHASSET, N.Y. — AMD Inc. has released an Open Platform Management Architecture (OPMA) specification that defines a common hardware interface between the server platform and its server management subsystem.According to AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.), the specification will provide hardware vendors with a more flexible approach to system management when designing their commercial grade server products.The OPMA defines a robust connector-level interface that allows a wide range of management subsystems to be attached to server motherboards in a standardized way. The connector provides the interface between manageability components including baseboard management controller devices (BMCs), network interface controllers (NICs), standardized system busses between sensor devices and the system microprocessors.The OPMA feature cards contain BMC firmware that communicates with software such as BIOS, drivers, manageability software suites, system management frameworks and operating systems.The end-user will benefit from open standards like those provided in the OPMA, said AMD. A standard management subsystem infrastructure makes server management technology more accessible and cost effective. It enables a common infrastructure that results in various solutions spanning a range of capability and price levels.Raritan Computer Inc. (Somerset, N.J.), an IT infrastructure solutions provider, has announced its support for the OPMA specification.
The public OPMA specification is available for download from AMD's website.