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Am I Such A Tough Customer?

I am what is considered a VIP customer of Network Solutions. What is a VIP? I guess its someone who has a bunch of domain names they control, because I control about 20. I'm either the owner or the technical administrator.

We VIPs are supposed to get priority customer service. Notice the supposed to clause in the last sentence. As many of the readers of Server Pipeline know, I have what my be deemed a Customer Service mania. I loath bad Customer Service. Noting makes me angrier than bad Customer Service.

All it takes is communication, which is at the heart of Customer Service, to sooth the savage beast, or at least me. Give me the proper expectation. Make the effort to address my concern. Make me feel like the only customer you have. If you do this, then, with the exception of the most egregious lapse of service on your part, I'll be a customer for life.

I spent years as a customer of AT&T Wireless, until that company treated me as a non-entity. I dropped it like a hot potato. T-Mobile is losing over a dozen phone lines, because it, too, treated me shabbily.

But back to Network Solutions. I had a problem, and I sought assistance, and they've lead me, a VIP after all, to believe I would have an answer.

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