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Abrevity to Pursue Sale of Company

Abrevity, Inc. a Silicon Valley based pioneer in data classification and data management software, today announced it will pursue the sale of the company. Founded in 2003 and funded by individual investors, the company has reached an inflection point and realizes the need to partner with a leading IT solutions provider to maximize the value of its software solutions. Abrevity has retained Strategic Advisory Services International, LLC as its financial advisor.
Abrevity was founded with the goal of building new technology that could more efficiently manage large amounts of data. Seeing the scalability and flexibility limitations of traditional relational databases in data management applications, Abrevity developed its patent-pending EntityDB and distributed application framework technology. These were the unique advances that set a solid foundation for FileData Classifier and FileData Manager, Abrevity's commercially available and customer validated solutions.

Abrevity's FileData Classifier solution is data classification software that discovers where data resides, identifies the type of data, and provides analysis and policy enforcement capabilities that allow digital assets to be locally managed. FileData Classifier is scalable to hundreds of terabytes, offers ultra-fast file scanning, indexing, and content extraction. FDC also provides an easy-to-use file discovery, search and query interface. Abrevity's FileData Manager solution provides a complete federated view and remote control of distributed FileData Classifier nodes, allowing complete centralized management of all data management policies.

Abrevity intends to conduct discussions with interested parties who can effectively leverage the company's solutions, technology, and management team.