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9 Insightful Networking Blogs to Follow

  • With all the changes happening in networking technology, designing and managing networks is challenging, to say the least. There are so many trends altering the networking landscape – network automation, intent-based networking, software-defined WAN, to name a few – that it can be hard to keep up. It's especially difficult when you're busy running a complex network.

    Networking blogs are one way to keep tabs on important networking trends, and also get tips to help with your day-to-day work. Fortunately, the networking community boasts a number of practitioners who blog about technology trends, share their experiences, and provide practical advice. You can find step-by-step guides on network troubleshooting, learn about network programmability, and get insight on networking products. You'll read valuable perspective, often with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    If you've been in networking for a while, you're likely already familiar with the work of legendary networking blogger Greg Ferro, and the blogs of other thought leaders such as Ethan Banks and Ivan Pepelnjak. We highlighted many of these networking blogs three years ago. Ages ago, right?

    That's why we put together another list of networking blogs you should follow. This update features well-known practitioners, but also a few up-and-comers. Our collection includes some of the more prolific and thought-provoking networking bloggers you'll find on the web today. Keep in mind it's just a sample of the good blogging that goes on in the networking community. If your favorites are missing, please add them in the comments below.

  • The Networking Nerd


    Networking pros can count on Tom Hollingsworth, aka the Networking Nerd, to provide candid opinions of trends, vendor moves, and products. Hollingsworth, a former VAR network engineer who organizes Tech Field Day events and counts more than 12,000 Twitter followers, has become a major influencer and mentor with his insightful views. His popular blog is a must-read in the networking community.

  • Rule 11 Reader


    For deep thoughts on networking, Russ White's blog, Rule 11 Reader, is the place to go. "The Rule 11 Reader started off as a blog primarily focused on metacognitive skills -- thinking about how to think and learn as a network engineer," White writes. Since then, he's added more technical content and videos, but eschews configuration or vendor products. With multiple certifications, 10 books, and 20 years of networking under his belt, White provides keen perspective. He currently works as a network architect at LinkedIn.

  • Network Phil


    Penned by Phil Gervasi, a senior network engineer, Network Phil provides insight on emerging networking technologies along with practical tips. In addition to blogs, Gervasi posts slick videos on topics such as intent-based networking and machine learning. He has a lot of experience teaching; before his networking career, Gervasi was a high school teacher and has continued to teach part-time at a community college. He's also a co-founder of Network Collective, a video roundtable that launched earlier this year.

  • Wirednot


    If you manage wireless networks, you don't want to miss Lee Badman's wirednot blog for provocative opinions on WLAN trends, vendors, products, plus practical guidance. Badman, CWNE #200, is a wireless architect and adjunct professor at a large private university.

  • Netcraftsmen


    The Netcraftsmen blog features posts from some big names in networking, including Terry Slattery, Pete Welcher, Denise Donohue, and Carole Warner Reece. These experts offer insight into networking technology trends, products, detailed network troubleshooting tips, network design guidance, and career advice.



    Eyvonne Sharpe, a network architect for a Fortune 100 healthcare company, provides perspective on technology trends along with technical tips at Software-defined WAN has been a particular focus of hers this year, and she's keeping a close eye on what Cisco does with its Viptela acquisition. Sharp is a network architect for a Fortune 100 healthcare company and co-founder of Network Collective.


  • The Network Stack


    Daniel Kuchenski, an enterprise senior network engineer, writes that his The Network Stack blog serves a dual purpose: to function as his personal notebook and to share solutions to problems he's faced in order to help others. His posts include articles that document his PowerShell mini-scripts and getting Ansible, a popular tool for network automation, up and running on an Ubuntu server.

  • Michael McNamara


    Michael McNamara's blog extends beyond networking into virtualization and IP telephony. This year, he's blogged about discovering a lack of half-duplex support in the Juniper EX4300 switch, provided advice on network migration planning, and a how-to article on using the free Nmap tool to scan the network for the Wanna Cry ransomware. McNamara is the senior manager for technical services for a global retailer.


  • Fragmentation Needed


    An independent network consultant based in the Boston area, Chris Marget posts detailed technical content at Fragmentation Needed. Topics this year have included DMVPN, APIs, and Docker.