• 08/07/2013
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5 Ways To Customize Facebook News Feed

Facebook has plenty of ideas for your News Feed, as evidenced by this week's changes. Put yourself in charge with these tips.

3. View Posts Only From Pages

In your typical News Feed view, posts from Pages you've liked -- whether they're restaurants, clothing stores or news outlets -- are mixed in with posts from your friends. But if you follow many news outlets, for example, or subscribe to retail store pages just for exclusive offers, you may want to view these posts separately, without the updates from your friends.

Under the Pages heading in the left-side navigation is an option called "Pages Feed." Click this to view updates only from Pages you've liked.

4. Sort Your News Feed By Most Recent Posts

Facebook's algorithm assigns a weight to each of the updates that appears in your News Feed, then reorders the posts based on what it thinks matters most to you. While this is the default view, which it calls "Top Stories," you can change your News Feed to show posts in chronological order.

To switch your view from Top Stories to Most Recent, click the "Sort" option that appears at the very top of your News Feed -- below the status update box and above the first post. When you switch to "Most Recent," the top of your feed will read "Sort: Most Recent."

5. Remove Certain Friends Or Pages From Your News Feed

If you have annoying friends that you don't necessarily want to unfriend, there is a setting you can change so their posts don't appear in your News Feed. The same option is available for Pages you may not want to remove entirely, rather just silence.

To prevent a friend's or Page's posts from appearing in your News Feed, navigate to their profile page. To the right of the person or Page's name, and below the cover photo, is a drop-down menu that either says "Friends" (or "Liked" if it's a Page).

Click that drop-down menu and uncheck the option that says "Show in News Feed." The friend's or Page's posts will no longer clutter your News Feed.

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