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5 Key Facts On Facebook Privacy Revamp

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Facebook is set to roll out new privacy controls on Thursday, continuing the site's habit of constantly tweaking user interfaces. Some of the additions fulfill the long-expressed wishes of Facebook users, while others simply add new functionality. Here are the five most interesting Facebook privacy changes you need to know about.

Profile Tag Review

Perhaps the most exciting new feature for those who value the sanctity of their online identity is Profile Tag Review. This handy feature gives users the ability to look at how their profile tag is being used before it goes live on your profile. This feature won't prevent people from tagging you in unflattering photos, but it will save you the embarrassment of having the shot posted straight to your wall before you get a chance to look at it or remove the tag. A new Pending Posts screen will give you the ability to accept or reject tags individually or all at once.

Inline Sharing Controls

You'll now have the ability to modify the sharing settings for each post separately. Each item in your feed will have a little globe button that drops down a menu offering Public, Friends, and Custom options.

Editable Sharing

Historically, once you posted something to Facebook, its sharing settings were locked in. With the new update, you'll have the ability to go back and change the sharing preferences for each post separately, long after it has gone live.

Tag Anyone Or Anything, Whether You've Liked It Or Not

To date, you've had to Like a page or be friends with a person to tag them in a post. Now you can tag anything or anyone, and you won't be forced to go click Like on a page before you can tag it in your post. If a stranger tags you, you can use the Profile Tag Review feature to remove the tag if you want to. This change will likely have a mixed impact on business pages, since it might increase the number of posts a given page gets tagged in, while potentially reducing the frequency with which users click Like on your page.

Tag Locations Any Way You Want

If you've ever wanted to check in someplace while using your laptop, and didn't bother because you didn't feel like pulling out your phone, you'll probably like this update, since it allows you to check in via the browser interface. You can also check into places you're not actually at, so you can tag a place you're just talking about.

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