• 12/16/2015
    9:00 AM
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5 Fundamental Requirements For High-Performing Networks

A new set of network essentials is necessary to meet the challenges of today's network administration and management.


Complex !!! In What

When we say network is becoming complex and it will become more, what exactly we intend to explain, is it about manageability of network or troubleshooting with aspect to challenges in network. During my past experiance with couple of customer and stakeholders this statement was little diplomatic to them. We need to be more precise to explain i guess. Although i found some very useful and very good point in ths blog about requirement for High performance network.

Network Diagramming

I really like the mention of a network diagram.   If you are lucky, you will have a small one to start with and then expand, if not you will have to make sense of the network and then diagram, either way you will need one.


And be happy you have it.

Network Recovery: Which One First ?

Avoiding outages is another good tip.   Documentation on what should be brought back first is vital in many complex environments.

Wireless Device Tracking

" administrators must implement user device tracking, automated IP address management and wireless heat maps."


Is there a some other user device tracking software available other than what comes with the wireless router that is recommended ?


I believe, base to high performing network is strong transmission eliminating letency and low bandwidth issues, which can help us to achieve distributed computing enabling use computing and data resources located at different locations.

Re: Wireless Device Tracking

If you take a look at the author bio, you will probably find the name of one vendor who has JUST such a solution. ;-)