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20 Tips For Boosting Facebook Engagement

Facebook top tips lists are a dime a dozen, but few go beyond simply how to rack up likes. MotiveQuest takes that next step, offering lessons learned from its research on how successful brands are at engaging with people on the social network.

MotiveQuest, a big-brand market analytics company, has launched a mass-market research service called Fathom, with Fathom for Facebook as its first product. This list is based on its presentation on 20 Facebook relationship builders, available on SlideShare.

Invite Interaction

1. Ask meaningful questions. Example from Dove: "80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful, but only 4% see beauty in themselves. Let's change the stats: Tell us at least one thing that you love about yourself in the comments!"

What makes it work: Instead of focusing solely on product, the product is designed to engage on a more personal level.

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2. Let fans know you are listening. BMW: "From your comments, we know that many of you are waiting for the next BMW 3 Series. Well, we have great news for you: Tomorrow at 4.00 pm CEST, we will present the all-new BMW 3 Series Sedan to the world. ... We are mighty excited, how about you?"

What makes it work: Post references previous messages from fans, including those visible on the Facebook wall.

Encourage Storytelling

3. Evoke nostalgia. Ford Motor Company: "This Week's Featured Fan Photo was uploaded by Dale Foust who captured his father's Ford truck next to his own. How long has Ford run in your family?"

Why it works: Makes people think about how long the brand has been part of their lives.

4. Inspire imagination. Audi: "Are you taking a long-weekend roadtrip? We left the driver seat open on this R8 Spyder, so that you could imagine yourself behind the wheel. Tell us where you would go if you had the chance to drive an R8 for three days."

Why it works: For aspirational brands like fashion or cars, giving people an opportunity to let their imaginations take over makes them part of the conversation, even if they who do not yet own one of your products.

5. Share photos. Ford documented the annual "Mustang Memories Car Show" in Michigan and posted the photos on the brand page. By attending and sharing the event, the brand took a local passion and turned it into a global experience.

Why it works: In the automotive category, photos level the playing field between car enthusiasts and the masses and extend the reach of special events, over both time and distance. Consider not only posting photos for response but also allowing fans to share their own photos.

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