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10 Ways To Juice Up Your Network

Computer networks continue to face the problem of being to useful for their own good.

Users are finding increasing uses for computer networks, continuing to make increasing requests for information, files or execution of different applications (which continue to become bigger and more resource intensive themselves). As more capabilities are developed, the networks invariably contain more data, new parts or both.

But this can all lead to a network that becomes too bogged down under its own weight to be very useful. With that in mind, a couple of technology experts offer their top 10 suggestions for juicing up your network,

Joshua Feinberg, co-founder of Computer Consulting 101, West Palm Beach, Fla., which provides business development for network consultants and computer consultants for small companies, recommends:

1. Invest in new equipment

Many switches, routers and hubs, primarily at small companies, were added before Y2K and haven't been upgraded since. Performance of this equipment has grown by leaps and bounds the last few years, while prices have fallen sharply, and buying now can boost your network.

"This is where you can get a large boost in network performance for a modest investment," Feinberg says.

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