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10 Fixes for When Change Brings Your Systems to Their Knees

Intent-based Networking
(Image: Pixabay)

Despite all the advancements in enterprise IT, remediating poor network and system performance remains an ongoing struggle for many IT departments. But don't lock the beleaguered admins and engineers in the pillory just yet; your system sluggishness might be a result of strategic business and technology decisions made in the C-suite.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify and fix most of these problems. In this slideshow, we're first going to cover common performance headaches that modern enterprises face today. Then, each slide will suggest a fix to help resolve some of these types of problems.

Here are just a few common causes of performance issues in enterprise organizations:

Shift to the public cloud

Performance degradation commonly rears its ugly head when changes in client/server data flows occur. The most obvious example of this in recent years is a steady migration of apps and data to public clouds. Instead of most data moving in and out of a private data center located within a corporate LAN, data now traverses Internet or WAN links. If not properly handled, this shift in traffic can create bottlenecks and increase latency.

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