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NetApp Sells NetCache

SAN BRUNO, Calif. -- IronPort Systems Inc., the leader in gateway security, today announced a special trade-in program for customers of Network Appliance's NetCache product. The credit makes it even easier for enterprise customers to upgrade from web caching appliances to IronPort's new web security appliances. Web caching systems were widely deployed in the late 1990's and early part of 2000. These systems were designed to save bandwidth costs and improve web download performance.

With the dramatic increase in availability and decrease in cost of Internet bandwidth in recent years, web caching has become less of an imperative and many vendors that developed web caching systems have exited the market or ceased operations entirely.

A Second Generation of Web Technology
Today, spyware and other threats are flowing into the corporate network via the web. As corporations look for perimeter based solutions to stop this spread, the need for a new generation of perimeter based web technology has emerged. For maximum efficacy, a modern web security appliance needs to examine traffic at both the network layer and the application layer.

Furthermore, a web security appliance needs to combine signature based analysis as well as traffic based or "reputation" analysis to distinguish legitimate traffic from hostile spyware or malware. IronPort's new S-Series Web Security Appliance is an example of this new system architecture.

Built on IronPort's proprietary AsyncOS operating system, the S-Series appliance offers extremely high performance scanning of web content at both the network layer and the application layer using both signature and reputation based filtering. The IronPort S-Series represents the next generation of web technology, leveraging techniques developed for web proxy caching but built from the ground up for security. The IronPort S-Series Web Security Appliance is currently shipping to customers in beta.

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