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The most annoying spam of 2002

According to a BBC News article, 30 percent of all email is spam. Of course anyone could tell you that, but have you ever wondered what the top 10 spam messages-types were for 2002? The folks at Surf Control did a little research and came up with their list of most annoying messages. Enjoy (or should I say lament...)

  • XXX Your Free Adult Sites Password
  • Check out our new lower prices. Many "drug" types available. (Viagra)
  • Get Cash Out! Refinance while rates are still low??
  • Urgent and Confidential (Nigerian Hoax)
  • Remote Control Car The Size of a Hot Wheel!
  • Rated #1 Best Online Casino
  • #1 Pasta Pot As Seen on TV
  • Get Out of Credit Card Debt
  • Meet Singles in Your Area
  • Copy Any DVD in One Click