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McAfee Intros Mobile Safety Initiative

ORLANDO, Fla. -- McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) today announced the McAfeeR OK program, a mobile content inspection and certification program that creates a trusted and safe content experience for mobile phone users. Designed for mobile content aggregators and network operators, the new program inspects mobile content such as ringer tones, images, video, or applications, and certifies that it does not contain any malicious or inappropriate material.

In February, McAfee research found that 80 percent of network operators were highly concerned about the impact that security incidents can have on customers' confidence and new service uptake. McAfee is responding to this concern by introducing the McAfee OK program to certify mobile content offerings as free of known malicious elements and intent. The program is based on McAfee's flexible and proven mobile detection technology, which complements the Symbian Signed program and has been deployed in more than 40 million devices worldwide.

"Mobile communities access and exchange content from all kinds of on-deck and off-portal sources," said Victor Kouznetsov, senior vice president of Mobile Security at McAfee. "The McAfee OK program is designed to improve end user trust and provide a simple and recognizable way to identify safe content. This will both enhance confidence for service providers and content creators, and will ultimately increase the use of mobile applications and mobile content consumption."

McAfee Inc. (NYSE: MFE)