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McAfee Covers MSFT Vulnerabilities

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE), announced
that it provides coverage for the security vulnerabilities disclosed by
Microsoft Corporation today. This out-of-cycle patch contains seven security
vulnerabilities, five of which were not previously disclosed. These
vulnerabilities have been reviewed by McAfeeR AvertR Labs, and based on
their findings, McAfee recommends that users confirm the Microsoft product
versioning outlined in the bulletins and update as recommended by Microsoft
and McAfee. This includes deploying solutions to ensure protection against
the vulnerabilities outlined in this advisory.

"Today Microsoft issued a rare out-of-cycle patch to fix vulnerabilities in
GDI," said Dave Marcus, security research and communications manager, McAfee
Avert Labs. "McAfee Avert Labs is always concerned when Microsoft releases
an out-of-cycle patch. We urge our customers and the computing public to
take this release seriously, as there has already been active exploitation
of at least one of these vulnerabilities in the wild. Consumers and
enterprise users should immediately evaluate this patch as well as ensure
that they have up-to-date proactive security technologies in place to
mitigate and manage all risk."

McAfee Inc. (NYSE: MFE)