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Lieberman Adds Password Policy Features

LOS ANGELES -- In response to the proliferation of forgotten or expired passwords, Lieberman Software Corporation provides Account Reset Console 4.0, a web-based solution that permits users to conveniently change their own passwords in a secure, audited, and delegated manner. Organizations suffering from the reduced productivity of employees regularly locked out of critical systems highlight the need to automate common password management functions, including resetting disabled or locked-out accounts.

“If a remote user loses access to the VPN in the middle of the night, and he’s working on a customer presentation for the next morning, he can’t wait until the help desk is available,” said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “With Account Reset Console he could quickly change his own password without disrupting his work or involving the IT staff.”

Account Reset Console strengthens enterprise security by enabling a structured, regular password reset regimen, alerting users of passwords due to expire, providing an identity verification system prior to changing passwords, and requiring users to reset changed passwords on their next logon. The product addresses one of the most common problems encountered by IT groups in large organizations – users losing access to systems because of forgotten or expired passwords.

“From a help desk perspective, our biggest issue is students forgetting their passwords,” said Rolf Traichel, IT Manager of Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education. “Account Reset Console reduces downtime and work flow interruption because student passwords can be securely reset in two or three minutes without having to call the help desk.”

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