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Juniper Reports 1Q

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Juniper Group's, (OTCBB:JUNI) new vision of becoming a growing regional supporter to
wireless market providers was seen in the first quarter of 2006.
Juniper reported strong first quarter revenues of $1,158,889 vs.
$137,397 for same period in 2005. The increase in revenues was directly
attributed to the recent acquisition of New Wave Communications, Inc.
On March 14, 2006 Juniper Services, a subsidiary of Juniper Group,
completed the acquisition of New Wave through the purchase of all
of the outstanding shares of New Wave in a Stock Purchase Exchange
Agreement effective as of January 1, 2006. In accordance with this new
focus on Juniper Services, Juniper wrote off a number of assets on
December 31, 2005 in non-related businesses in order to focus on the
wireless broadband business in 2006. While there were losses of
$381,138 in the first quarter of 2006, this was due to further
development of the new business model. James A. Calderhead, President
of Juniper Services stated, "This eight fold revenue increase over the
first quarter of 2005 is attributed to the business model developed
last year and Juniper Services is now positioned to be a regional
competitor in the wireless broadband market."

New Wave is a wireless communications contractor specializing in tower
erection, extension, modifications and maintenance, as well as
cellular, wireless broadband and microwave systems installation. New
Wave manages and works projects primarily over a three state region
surrounding Indiana, and is fully capable of, and in fact looking
forward to, expanding this business on a national level. New Wave's
core business is to provide tower build out, as well as antenna inline
placement for lease space or existing towers for business and
residential community wireless network customers, as well as
independent local carriers who wish to offer broadband services to
their existing customers. New Wave is the company of choice for the
leading cellular carriers in the Midwest as well the top three tower
management companies.

Juniper's CEO Vlado P. Hreljanovic stated, "The acquisition of New Wave
has added a new dimension to the fundamentals of Juniper Services and
will allow us to leverage our customer base. This will bring our
broadband focus into a wireless market through voice, data and
streaming video. We made a number of strategic decisions over the last
six months, and our revenues reflect the momentum for Juniper and if we
maintain this momentum, we could achieve a $5 million run rate this
year. Over the next few weeks, we will announce additional changes and
layout our corporate vision moving forward."

Juniper Group Inc.