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IT Hiring To Increase Next Quarter

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TOP STORY: IT Hiring To Increase Next Quarter

MORE NEWS: Nokia Sues LCD Makers

ANALYTIC REPORT: Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

WHITEPAPER: Data Deduplication Background

BLOG: Video Calling Now Possible With iPhone

WEBCAST: Smarter Business

RESOURCES: What Are The Most Dangerous Threats Of The Next Ten Years?

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, December 2, 2009 


"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."
-- William Gibson 


IT Hiring To Increase Next Quarter

A 3% increase in IT staffing is forecast for early 2010, with traditional jobs in networking, security, and application development most in demand.


Healthcare IT Job Outlook Perks Up

Tech Pros Want Security, Healthcare, Green Certifications

Help Wanted: Homeland Security Seeks Cybersecurity Pros


Nokia Sues LCD Makers

Phone giant accuses screen suppliers of colluding to artificially inflate prices.

Microsoft Says Patch Isn't Cause Of Black Screen

Black screen issues are not widespread and may be caused by malware, Microsoft insists.

SAP Delays Support Price Increase

The company is waiting until early 2010 to incorporate customers' feedback as it looks to raise its annual maintenance fees.

Cisco Again Extends Tandberg Acquisition Deadline

The company is giving Tandberg shareholders until Thursday to approve its $3.4 billion offer to acquire the Norwegian videoconferencing company.

Ansca Mobile Releases Corona For iPhone Development

Flash designers and other developers now have a new bridge to world of mobile apps.

HP Unveils 'Elite' Business Desktop

The Compaq 8000 Elite features power efficiency and security features meant to appeal to the enterprise.

Google Names Android App Winners

The top app in the Android Developer Challenge sends late-light phone calls directly to voice mail while the owner sleeps.

Office 2010 Ship Date Revealed

Microsoft confirms Internet rumors surrounding release of next software suite.

Bing, Google, Yahoo Searches Sought Michael Jackson

Celebrities and entertainment figured prominently in the year's top searches.

Dell Launches Intel Core i7 Mobile Workstation

The Precision M6500 laptop is aimed at graphics professionals and researchers who need a high-powered desktop replacement.

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Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

This report looks at a variety of new approaches and technologies designed to help you enhance your companies' competitiveness and engage more intimately with customers.

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Featured Report

State Of Enterprise Storage

Continuing to throw precious resources at escalating storage and bandwidth demand isn't a strategy, it's a recipe for disaster. Diverse drivers mandate a new path. Are you ready?

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Featured Report


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Data Deduplication Background

Get a technical overview of data deduplication by looking at things like fixed versus variable length blocks, deduplicated storage pools, common deduplication block pools, data deduplication architectures and policies, and replication.
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Overcoming IT Silos

Virtualized data centers offer one of today's best options for reducing IT costs and improving applications performance. But to achieve these business benefits, organizations must unify the work of their IT infrastructure and applications teams, which is no easy task. Get tips in this new whitepaper for overcoming these IT silos.
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Featured BloggerVideo Calling Now Possible With iPhone

Posted by Eric Zeman

Video calling is one of those features that has the "neat-o" effect on people. It's fairly common in some European markets, but has yet to make much of an impact in the U.S.


IBM To Furnish Cloud Computing To Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by Charles Babcock

IBM has already established cloud computing centers in the Chinese cities of Dongying and Wuxi. In the former, the cloud will serve as a "smarter city" platform for development of services. In Wuxi, it will serve as a collective platform for software development. Now it's on to Ho Chi Minh City.

Twitter Founder Wants To Pay With iPhone

Posted By Marin Perez

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of that little thing called Twitter, is showing off his latest project, and Square is trying to turn iPhones into a mobile payment hub for merchants. It's a very interesting idea, but, like Twitter, I'm wondering how it's going to make real money.

Motorola's CLIQ Improves With New Software Update

Posted By Eric Zeman

Some good news for users of the Motorola CLIQ. Motorola is offering a system update for the device that makes some major improvements in battery life, screen accuracy and accelerometer accuracy. Too bad the CLIQ is stuck on Android 1.5, though.

IT Is 'Pillar' Of White House Healthcare Strategy

Posted By Mitch Wagner

Healthcare IT adoption is one of four pillars on which the Obama administration is basing its healthcare strategy, and is key to containing costs, administration healthcare officials said. Healthcare IT should be combined with a budget-neutral healthcare reform bill, establishing a Medicare Commission to improve quality, and an excise tax on expensive private healthcare plans, all of which are included in the Senate healthcare reform bill.

New Ransomware Attack Underway

Posted By George Hulme

Security researchers at CA have found a new so-called "ransomware" attack underway. There are many things you can say about malware writers. Most of it would be NSFW. But you can't say they don't work hard at what they do.


Smarter Business

The business world is entering a new wave of transformation, as sophisticated information technologies make industries, processes, and professionals smarter than ever before. Join us as we draw from interviews with leading practitioners in presenting a range of compelling use cases.
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What Are The Most Dangerous Threats Of The Next Ten Years?

What will security be like ten years from now? What threats and challenges will the new decade bring?

If questions like this make you feel like your head is about to explode, don't worry -- there is a way to get some perspective on the future. Attend our first-ever virtual event that combines the in-depth expertise of three of the industry's best-known security resources: Black Hat, InformationWeek, and Dark Reading.

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Image Gallery: Bluetooth Headsets For Mobile Pros

We rate Bluetooth headsets from Aliph, BlueAnt, MoGo, Motorola, Plantronics, and Samsung.

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