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iPad Versus Motorola Xoom: Apps Give Apple Huge Advantage

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TOP STORY: Global CIO: iPad Versus Motorola Xoom: Apps Give Apple Huge Advantage

MORE NEWS: Amazon Launches CloudFormation To Simplify App Deployment

ANALYTIC REPORT: Best Practices: IPv6 Transition

WHITEPAPER: 5 Steps to Transforming the Data Center

SLIDESHOW: Great Lost Software: 16 Gone But Not Forgotten

VIDEO: Desktop Virtualization Benefits

WEBCAST: Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready For Potential Disasters?

RESOURCES: Take Our Deduplication Survey -- You Could Win An iPad!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"It is on the whole probably that we continually dream, but that consciousness makes such a noise that we do not hear it." -- Carl Gustav Jung



Global CIO: iPad Versus Motorola Xoom: Apps Give Apple Huge Advantage

In considering new Android and Blackberry tablets, CIOs need to focus on the numbers that matter: how many apps, and price of device.


iPad 2: 5 Features Apple's Tablet Won't Have

Motorola Xoom Teardown: What's Under The Covers


Amazon Launches CloudFormation To Simplify App Deployment

The service automates building virtual workloads for EC2, much like Kaavo CEO's says it does for Amazon, VMware, and other public and private clouds.

Google Gmail Messages Go Missing

Google has been racing to restore messages for Gmail users following a service disruption on Sunday.

Windows Phone 7 To Verizon?

Published photos show an HTC device running Microsoft's new mobile operating system and bearing the U.S. carrier's logo.

VA To Migrate Email To The Cloud

The agency is seeking a contractor to move 600,000 employees to a hosted system through a project it's calling the "Big 4."

Unified Communications Faces Interoperability Challenges

More companies are deploying unified communications, according to a panel at Enterprise Connect, and they're seeing improved productivity and collaboration as a result.

Porting Android Apps Won't Solve RIM's PlayBook Problems

Growing evidence suggests RIM is looking to permit applications written for Google's Android platform to run on its PlayBook tablet. Here's why this is a bad idea.

Siemens Introduces OpenScape Cloud Services

The cloud communications services for SMBs and enterprises that don't want to manage the technology were unveiled at Enterprise Connect.

Enterprise Connect: Verizon Announces Cloud Unified Collaboration

The telco's Unified Communications & Collaboration-as-a-Service will be able to switch calls between mobile phones and IP desk phones.

DHS Immigration System Vulnerable To Insider Threats

An Inspector General report finds that a long-delayed Homeland Security project has not done enough to mitigate risks from current or former employees, contractors, or business partners.

Facebook Adds Share Capabilities To Like Button

The functionality is expected to bolster page views and traffic for third-party advertisers and content creators.

Clickatell Intros Text Messaging Service For SMBs

The company is pushing SMS as the best channel for small businesses to deliver urgent customer communications to a broad wireless audience.

Groupon Launches Group Buying Portal In China

The daily deal company is partnering with Tencent and Yunfeng on, hoping to take advantage of a market that could reach $2.4 billion by year's end.

  Digital Issue  


New services such as VPLS and Cisco's OTV can transform your WAN.
We dig into the pros and cons of these technologies.

ALSO: Consultant Stephen Foskett on how EMC has finally caught up
to NetApp with new products that unite NAS and SAN.

Plus much more, exclusively in our Digital Issue

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Best Practices: IPv6 Transition

IPv4 is not extinct, exactly, but it may as well be. If you don't act to add IPv6 capability to your network, you're not only limiting the growth and innovation potential of your business, you may also be turning away thousands of customers. In this report, we'll discuss strategies and provide an in-depth look at three real-world deployment models.

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Featured Report

Research: 2011 Backup Survey

There's no excuse for your backup strategy being stuck in a rut. Today's system administrators can take advantage of myriad new and improved data protection technologies, including disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape libraries, data deduplication and cloud-based backups. These and other methods can help overcome two big problems: continued use of backup tapes as an archiving strategy (bad idea) and a lack of data protection for branch offices and remote employees.

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Featured Report


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5 Steps to Transforming the Data Center

Preparing a data center for the future requires automating the management tasks that consume most of an IT administrator's time. Check out this roadmap to make your data center truly efficient by aligning people, processes and technology.
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Web Searches from Blackhat SEO to System Infection

Every business on the Web wants attention. That's why Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an orchestrated attempt to attract visitors to a site, is so popular. But be warned: Cybercriminals increasingly use SEO to deliver malware to unsuspecting Web surfers' systems. This profitable practice, called Blackhat SEO, is simple to perpetuate, yet effective and dangerous. Find out how to protect your systems.
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Great Lost Software: 16 Gone But Not Forgotten

Software comes and software goes. Most that fall into the latter category deserve their fate, because either they weren't very good or they were superseded by a better option. We ransacked our own memories of applications past and polled some of our colleagues to formulate this list of 16 fondly remembered programs that are no longer really with us.   View Now


Businesses Take Action With Twitter

Motorola Xoom Teardown: Inside The New Android Tablet


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Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Enhancing Security and Flexibility Through Desktop Virtualization   Watch


Big Ideas at the Mobile World Congress

Picochip Demos Streaming Video Over 4G




Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready For Potential Disasters?

Join this webcast to learn how Oracle's Sun Unified Storage solutions can help you better address backup and disaster recovery needs for Oracle database and application environments.

It happens Thursday, March 10, 2011 -- Time: 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

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Take Our Deduplication Survey -- You Could Win An iPad!

InformationWeek Analytics is asking for your input on a survey focusing on purpose-built deduplication appliances for backup and data storage. This survey will take approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 16GB iPad (Wi-Fi) valued at $499 from UBM TechWeb.

Survey ends March 8th

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