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iPad 3 Debuts In March | Why IT Needs Legal Jailbreaking

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, Feb 9, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist Want IT Flexibility? Demand Jailbreaking Be Legal
By Jonathan Feldman
Why should CIOs care about the DMCA's jailbreaking rules? Despite Pollyanna assurances that locking down a box will make everybody more secure, that's just not true--and it decreases choice.

DMCA Jailbreaking Provisions Up For Renewal, Possible Expansion
Windows 8 Secure Boot Fears Continue

iPad 3 Unveil Set For Early March
Apple has scheduled an event in San Francisco to reveal the next-generation iPad. Will LTE be on board?

Advanced Persistent Threats Get More Respect
When it comes to combating APTs, the odds are against your organization's security team, say security experts such as Bruce Schneier. This type of risk deserves special scrutiny.

'Factory Outlets' Sell Stolen Facebook, Twitter Credentials
Are cybercriminals' inventories overstocked? New bulk sales pitch could be an indication, researchers say.

DDoS Tools Flourish, Give Attackers Many Options
More than 55 DDoS tools and services on the market offer hacktivists, increasingly driven by ideological or political goals, a wide range of choices, Arbor security researcher reports.

Adobe Reborn
Scorned for its Flash platform, Adobe has bounced back to become a credible provider of digital media and marketing products and services.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Date Confirmed
Microsoft is set to release a trial version of its touch-centric operating system to everyday computer users.

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve. -- Buddha


Adobe Reborn
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Date Confirmed
Research: 2012 State of Cloud Computing
The CIO's Guide To Design Global IT Infrastructure
iPad 3 Unveil Set For Early March
Don't Get Hooked by the Latest Phishing Attacks
Time Is Running Out: Register Today For Cloud Connect

Posted By Blewbury:
"Spooky that Zuckerberg is unashamedly intending to change the world like a Victorian missionary seeking to convert the natives. Perhaps he'll get boiled alive."
In reply to: "3 Things To Remember Before Investing In Facebook"
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Posted By DarkSideGeek:
"Technet is hardly reliable as it advocates 'high tech immigration reform' aka H1B Visas. 500,000 US jobs isn't a credible number."
In reply to: "App Stores Create 500,000 U.S. Jobs"
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iPad 3 Unveil Set For Early March
Apple has scheduled an event in San Francisco to reveal the next-generation iPad. Will LTE be on board?

8 Features That Could Make Windows 8 Great
Microsoft's next OS is loaded with features like eight-second boot times and better file management that could make it the best version of Windows since XP--if the company can pull it off.

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
Anonymous 'hacktivists' aim to expose what they call government and establishment hypocrisy. Take a closer look at the group, its offshoots, and its infamous attacks.

10 Strategies To Fight Anonymous DDoS Attacks
Preventing distributed denial of service attacks may be impossible. But with advance planning, they can be mitigated and stopped. Learn where to begin.

10 Android App Flops
Among Android apps, you'll find some jewels--and many stinkers. Here's our top 10 list of Android apps to skip, including a few names you might not expect.


Tablet Shootout: Which Fits Your Enterprise?
Take an early look at 14 of the most interesting health IT products and services that will be displayed at the annual HIMSS conference, happening this month in Las Vegas.   View Now

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
Health IT's Newest Ideas: HIMSS12 Preview


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Keys To Successful Vertical and Integrated Marketing
Director of Advertising and Marketing Campaigns, Renee Jones on the keys to effective vertical marketing, and her 2012 priorities of building thought leadership and brand awareness for Sybase.   Watch

Driving Brand & Thought Leadership in An Analytics World
Three Hot Gadgets: Basis Watch, HP Ultrabook, Lytro Camera



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