Enterprise Collaboration: Bringing People Together in a Best-Ever Virtual Meeting Experience

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User collaboration is a way forward in how teams can collaborate productively and efficiently. Edwin Diender from Huawei's User Collaboration & Communication introduces its multimedia video conference suite and its flagship products that make it possible.


Future is here

When I was watching the video there were 2 thoughts in my head. The future is here, and what's next?

So, I can't imagine what is the next step in virtual meeting field

Re: Future is here

Great video Edwin regarding enterprise collabioration. In addition to Huawei's multimedia video conference suite, you may also try out a R-HUB desktop video conferencing server. It is fortknox and provides HD 30 way video conference. 

Enterprise collaboration and telecommuting

Very nice! Virtual meetings are making collaboration easier and more effective than real meetings in many ways.

They are also a great tool if your eneterprise have several telecommuters, something that is increasing rapidly given the benefits for both enterprise and employee.

Location is not a limitation anymore thanks to these great collaboration tools.