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InformationWeek 500: Innovation Spurs Business Growth

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TOP STORY: InformationWeek 500: Innovation Spurs Business Growth

MORE NEWS: YouTube Tests Live Video Streaming Platform

ANALYTIC REPORT: Customer Retention: The Power Of Insight

WHITEPAPER: Simplifying Data Center Through Virtualization: Strategy Revealed

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Most Hated Tech Mascots Ever

VIDEO: Direct Edge: From ECN To Exchange

BLOG: Ultimately, Android Isn't Open

WEBCAST: Delivering a Smarter Data Warehouse By Designing the Tooling Around It

RESOURCES: Take Our 2010 Virtualization Security Survey -- Win An iPod Touch!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing." -- John D. Rockefeller



InformationWeek 500: Innovation Spurs Business Growth

Royal Caribbean Cruises, The Wet Seal and United Stationers have used data analysis, digital services and social networking to boost business in the midst of a recession.


InformationWeek 500 Preview: The Growth Imperative

8 Big Data Deployments In Detail

Top 10 Tech Newsmakers Of 2010


YouTube Tests Live Video Streaming Platform

The two-day pilot will help the video sharing site decide whether to broadly roll out the system to partners next year.

iPad With Camera Coming Soon?

Published report says Apple may forego its traditional yearly upgrade cycle and release a new version of the tablet in time for the holidays.

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon To Offer Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo tablet will be available from not one but three network operators in the U.S. It will debut September 16.

Motorola 'Defies' The Norm With Rugged Android Smartphone

Motorola on Monday announced the latest addition to its growing lineup of Android-powered smartphones. The Defy features a rugged design and a 5-megapixel camera.

FCC Expected To Approve White Spaces

Microsoft and Google have both been testing white spaces networks though estimates of when devices capable of using the spectrum might reach the market vary widely.

Android, Symbian To Dominate Smartphone Market By 2014

Gartner projects lackluster growth for Apple's iOS and declining market share for RIM's BlackBerry OS and Microsoft's Windows Phone over the next four years.

Ex-Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz Launches Health IT Firm

Picture of Health is recruiting staff for a firm that aims to "leverage technology in pursuit of better health."

Microsoft Launches Massive Wireless Hotspot

The "White-Fi" network on the company's Redmond, Wash. campus runs over white space spectrum left over from the conversion of TV signals from analog to digital.



Customer Retention: The Power Of Insight

Insurers are discovering that retaining profitable customers can be even more valuable than acquiring new ones. Carriers that know their customers--from their life stages and behavior to their profitability--have the edge in today's marketplace. Key to gaining this advantage is leveraging insurers' reams of data to identify loyal customers and close the "expectation gap."

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Featured Report

The Expanding Profile Of Data Deduplication

There are many technologies that vendors say will help us get a handle on our storage. These include thin provisioning, data deduplication, improved compression methodologies, disk-to-disk-to-tape backup, encryption, virtual tape libraries, larger disk drives, and faster performing drives. In this report, we'll touch on many of these and help sort out whether deduplication in particular makes sense in your environment.

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Featured Report


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Simplifying Data Center Through Virtualization: Strategy Revealed

By making infrastructure and data centers more efficient, IT departments free up money for innovation. Virtualization is a vital tool for implementing a data center efficiency strategy, as illustrated by the tips in this comprehensive report.
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Defining Data Center Efficiency: Taking Virtualization to the Next Level with Automation

Virtualization without automation leads to missed opportunities. Next-gen data centers must respond with lightning speed to business needs. Wait days or weeks between the time demand is created and the time the solution becomes available is no longer acceptable. Find out how companies are automating on standardized, open x86 platforms to prepare for growth-without ripping and replace existing infrastructure.
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Top 10 Most Hated Tech Mascots Ever

Mascots are marketing personified. When they're good, they're grrreat, as Tony the Tiger, one of the world's more successful mascots might say. When they're lame, uninspired, annoying or perplexing, they might end up on a list like this. Mascots are particularly important in the technology industry, because so many tech products and services are intangible and would benefit from an evocative symbolic representative. It's hard to imagine Linux without thinking about penguins. As for the mascots that follow, some would be better forgotten.   View Now


Top 20 Android Productivity Apps

Server Technology Hits A Crossroads


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Direct Edge: From ECN To Exchange
In this video, Greg MacSweeney talks to Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of TABB Group, about what Direct Edge's new status as an exchange means for market participants.   Watch


Intel Parallel Advisor Overview

Intel In Acquisition Mode




Featured Blogger

Ultimately, Android Isn't Open

By Ed Hansberry

One of the advantages cited by Android users is that it is an open operating system, and technically that is correct. By the time a user gets his hands on a phone though, it has been morphed into a system that is as closed as any other.


Is Cyber Insurance Worthwhile For SMBs?

By Keith Ferrell

The increased attention being paid to insuring businesses against cyber crime, disaster and related losses and costs isn't all coming from companies that sell cyber risk coverage.

What Solid State Storage Form Factor Is Best? Part III

By George Crump

In our series on trying to decide which Solid State Storage is best for your environment we have covered PCIe Based Solid State Storage and Solid State Disk (SSD). This entry will cover Solid State Systems (SSS) or Memory Arrays. These are systems that are designed from the ground up to only provide solid state storage. As a result they bring a different set of advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered.

IBM Announces Silicon Valley's Smartest Green SMB Startups

By Lamont Wood

IBM SmartCamp competition puts green startups on the fast track to finding backers.

SAP New-Product Blitz Tomorrow

By Bob Evans

Looking to transcend ERP and become the world leader in real-time analytics, SAP tomorrow will roll out 15 real-time analytics applications in concert with six major customers. The launch of new apps, hosted by CEO Bill McDermott, will highlight the industry-specific functionality SAP has built in and will underscore "the importance and evolving role of analytics in business today," the company said.


Delivering a Smarter Data Warehouse By Designing the Tooling Around It

Learn how IBM InfoSphere Foundation Tools and Information Server can help you build a better data warehousing solution that can increase your business agility. Most of the session will be dedicated to a customer success story: Astellas Pharma Inc. We hope to see you there!

It happens on Thursday, September 23, 2010-Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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