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I'm Ga-Ga for Google!

Not quite the same as going "Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs!" but it was the best I could think of.

In any event, this issue's edition Top 11 in "The Last Mile" was "Top 11 signs you're spending too much time on Google." As always, we got deluged with entries -- and as usual we're, ahem...proud to present the overflow here in the blog.

So here we go.

  • When you are making a ghost image, you set google to be the default startpage. -- David Silvernail
  • You saw your whole life flash in front of your eyes when Google did not respond for about 30 seconds. -- Augustin Edmond Paar
  • You have to use Google to find direections to your job, because you had too many beers last night searching for Porno sites. -- John H. Guillory
  • Your mom asks you who your going to take to the Social, and you type in "My Date" in Google, hoping to find one. -- John H. Guillory
  • The boss fired you three years ago, but you still go into the office each day faithfully to use their computers to search for your paycheck by typing "Paycheck for" followed by your name. -- John H. Guillory
  • You paid a company $400.00 to have your e-mail address listed as #1 on google's results. -- John H. Guillory
  • You have Google's logo stamped on your forhead from when you passed out on the monitor looking for sadam hussain and Ben Laiden last night. -- John H. Guillory
  • You named your first three sons Google, Google 2nd, Google 3rd. -- John H. Guillory
  • You named your daughter "Gaggle". -- John H. Guillory
  • You used Google to search for an auction site that would let you auction off your wife to the highest bidder with no reserve! -- John H. Guillory
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