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IBM Reloads Enterprise Branding

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TOP STORY: Server Den: IBM Reloads Enterprise Branding

MORE NEWS: Google Buzz Stung By Lawsuit

ANALYTIC REPORT: Data-Centric Security

WHITEPAPER: Data Centers: Steps to Simplify Operations and Reduce Cost

BLOG: Android Still At Risk From Fragmentation

WEBCAST: Spoofing Server-to-Server Communication: How You Can Prevent It

RESOURCES: The One And Only COMDEX Is Back!

InformationWeek Daily

 Tuesday, March 9, 2010 


"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
-- Leo Tolstoy 


Server Den: IBM Reloads Enterprise Branding

IBM will adopt "Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet" as its data center marketing moniker, putting distance between today's "dynamic infrastructure" and the me-too catch phrases used by competitors.


IBM Unveils eX5 Servers

Global CIO: IBM Claims Hardware Supremacy And Calls Out HP's Hurd


Google Buzz Stung By Lawsuit

The company broke privacy and data protection laws, the complaint alleges.

Navy Awards $1.75 Billion IT Contracts

Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman will build a shipboard and onshore IP network to replace legacy and outdated software and hardware.

Energizer Removes Infected Battery Monitoring Software

The company says that it is working with U.S.-CERT to determine how the software on its servers became infected.

Intel Probing Bogus Processors

The chip maker is investigating reports of potentially counterfeit i7 920 packages in the marketplace.

Government Auditors Knock Federal Cybersecurity Plan

The Government Accountability Office says the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative is poorly coordinated and unmeasured and recommends changes.

IBM Opens Beijing Energy Lab

Big Blue's newest facility in the People's Republic will focus on solutions for utility companies and related industries.

Cisco Quits WiMax Radio Business

The decision to cease making WiMax base stations gives a boost to Cisco's Long-Term Evolution portfolio.

Avaya Updates UC Suite

With the release IP Office 6.0, Avaya seeks to bring unified communications within reach for cost-conscious small businesses.



Data-Centric Security

In this exclusive report, we explore the link between adoption of DLP and data-centric security and reveal what other technology is just as important, detail best practices to become more focused on data, and discuss when IT can help most by keeping its hands off.

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Featured Report

Integrity Check: 5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

It's becoming more challenging to protect sensitive data and systems, and agencies that outsource major applications to the private sector are further abstracting system boundary and perimeter concepts. The answer is a shift in thinking away from yesterday's security approaches and toward data-centric protection via technologies like encryption, data loss prevention, and strong access controls.

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Featured Report


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Data Centers: Steps to Simplify Operations and Reduce Cost

IT workload automation results in average annual savings of $750,000 in staff costs alone. Learn more about automating complex IT processes - read the whitepaper.
Download Now

BIusiness Intelligence - For Any Business

Oracle's range of offerings to mid-size and emerging companies reflects its vision that BI and EPM solutions can be embraced by companies of all sizes.
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Featured Blogger

Android Still At Risk From Fragmentation

Posted By Ed Hansberry

Recently Google announced that it will upgrade all US users to Android 2.1. Devices are currently shipping with four versions, so moving to one will help, but that may not be enough to save the platform from fragmentation.


Putting Verizon's LTE Speed Claims Into Perspective

Posted by Eric Zeman

This morning Verizon Wireless issued a press release noting that its trials of Long Term Evolution were producing data speeds much faster than expected. How does that really compare to what's available today?

Feds Still Seeking 'Meaningful' Feedback

Posted By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Want to weigh in the federal government's proposed meaningful use criteria before it's written in stone? Act soon. There's only about a week left to submit your comments to the feds.

iPad: The Ad, Tethering, What We Don't Know

Posted By Eric Zeman

Despite its flashy debut in January and the recent television spot that aired during the Oscars, there's still a lot we don't know about the Apple iPad. Steve Jobs did, however, take the time to respond directly to one user email about tethering the iPad to the iPhone.

Funeral For A Fiend

Posted By Dave Methvin

Most web designers and users despise Internet Explorer 6, especially now that it has been hanging on for nearly a decade. So there weren't a lot of tears shed at the recent funeral for IE6. But is it really dead, or will it live on in a zombie-like existence?


Spoofing Server-to-Server Communication: How You Can Prevent It

Learn how to prevent the new attack -- SSLStrip -- that exploits weaknesses of generic SSL to compromise server-server communication. You will learn valuable lessons from our presenter, Security Analyst, Larry Seltzer, about how you can prevent high-profile compromises of enterprise networks and breaches of data security.

It happens March 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

More Information & Registration


The One And Only COMDEX Is Back!

The landmark tech industry event is returning as a virtual trade show (including a virtual version of the city of Las Vegas) in November.

Get More Details

Image Gallery: Scenes from the ShmooCon 2010 Hacker Conference

Researchers unleashed BlackBerry spyware, hacked wireless with homemade gadgets, and competed for prizes at the hacker confab held in Washington, DC.


HDI Technical Service & Support World Conference And Expo

How many hours of productivity do your employees lose because of technical issues? Is your help desk using industry best practices to get your staff back to work quickly? Experience the benefits of formalized support processes -- send your team to HDI!

It happens March 16-19 in Orlando FL

2010 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

Now in its second year, InformationWeek's 2010 Government IT Innovators program will shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative government IT organizations -- at the federal, state, and local levels.

Nominate your agency by submitting an essay on your most innovative IT initiative completed within the past 12 months.

Deadline for Nominations: April 30, 2010.

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