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IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems

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TOP STORY: IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems

MORE NEWS: Mobile Spy Tracks Android Email, Texts, Photos

ANALYTIC REPORT: The iPad In The Enterprise

WHITEPAPER: Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

BLOG: Microsoft Courier: Not The Right Time

WEBCAST: Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

RESOURCES: Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

InformationWeek Daily

 Tuesday, May 4, 2010 


"To have and not give is often worse than to steal."
~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach 


IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems

Deal bolsters IBM's on-premise-to-cloud data integration capabilities.


Global Banks Form Consortium To Counter HP, IBM, & Oracle

Interop: IBM Urges Cloud Adoption

IBM Adds Power7 Servers, Software, Services

IBM Hiring In Detroit: Several Hundred Jobs Over 5 Years?


Mobile Spy Tracks Android Email, Texts, Photos

Hidden software enables employers -- or parents -- to view all messaging activity, and its contents, sent or received from any Android smartphone.

Google Chrome Gains, Internet Explorer Slides

Microsoft's browser dropped below 60% of the market for the first time, while Chrome, Firefox, and Safari increased users.

White House Offers $1 Million Innovation Prize

The Department of Commerce's i6 Challenge will award cash to entrepreneurs who find innovative ways to commercialize new technology.

NIST Tackles Cybersecurity Education

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will spearhead the national cybersecurity workforce development and awareness campaign.

Google Acquires BumpTop

Elements of BumpTop's 3D user interface could be used in future Google smartphones or slate computers.

Amazon Fighting State Tax Collectors

A lawsuit is challenging North Carolina's efforts to get its citizens' Amazon shopping records for tax collection purposes.

FCC Chair Holds Swing Vote On Net Neutrality

Julius Genachowski will make public this month his decision whether or not to favor broadband as a common carrier service.

China Missing From Top Spammers List

The majority of spam produced globally comes from the United States, followed by India and Brazil. China isn't in the top 15, says a Sophos report.

IBM Plans 'Serious' Sim City

Big Blue to roll out gaming platform that aims to help planners better manage urban environments.

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The iPad In The Enterprise

Our editors take Apple's new platform through its paces, in the office and on the road. Here are their (differing) assessments of what works well and what doesn't.

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Featured Report

Advanced Analytics: Seven Steps Toward Adoption

Organizations want to move beyond "rear-view-mirror" reporting, but how can they act preemptively instead of reactively? This report explores the advantage of advanced analytics and helps beginners put basic methods into practice.

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Featured Report


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Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

All hosting providers promise the same great service. This guide will help you cut through the marketing messages and get to the meat of what to look for when selecting a hosting provider.
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Web Conferencing Tips

Make meetings more meaningful and productive. The paper explains what to look for when choosing a product and offer guidelines for installing a solution that brings people together in a way that saves you both time and money.
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Featured BloggerMicrosoft Courier: Not The Right Time

By Dave Methvin

Lately Microsoft has seemed to awaken and realize that it needed to start putting out decent products if it didn't want to be left behind. Windows 7 was one sign of that; Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9 look like they may follow in the same vein. So it may seem a bit strange that Microsoft is cancelling its Courier tablet.


LG Confirms 'Iron Man' Android Phone

By Eric Zeman

Ah, the sweet taste of product-movie marketing tie-ins. LG today confirmed that the Ally will be its first Android smartphone, which movie-goers will get a big taste of on the big screen when they go to see "Iron Man 2" this weekend.

Cloud Storage's Role In Backup, Part I

By George Crump

One of the areas where most consumers, small businesses and even enterprises will first experience cloud storage is as part of the backup process. There are basically three options for cloud based backup and choosing the right one depends on the size and needs of your organization. Over the next two entries we will detail each of the methods.

Dell Drops Manufacturing Focus In Surge For Services

By Bob Evans

Just how far is Michael Dell willing to go in downplaying hardware and embracing services? "We are changing our business from being manufacturing-based to one that's focused on services and solutions. And no, we're not done."

RIM Needs To Start Taking Gmail Seriously

By Eric Zeman

Today North American customers of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Internet Services were granted access to a long-overdue feature: two-way email syncing with Gmail. This belated feature roll-out is just one example that spotlights why RIM needs to do a much better job of supporting Gmail.

Apple Sells Its Millionth iPad

By Eric Zeman

With the introduction of the iPad 3G over the weekend, Apple surpassed the "million-sold" metric. The company didn't specify how many Apple iPad 3G's it sold, but estimates place the number at about 300,000


Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

In this webcast, we'll review some of the business scenarios where Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) has proven advantageous and demonstrate the power of having a consolidated repository to manage your business data assets. We'll also discuss the long term benefits of a CBI environment in BI planning, acquisitions and mergers and in IT cost reduction strategies.

It happens May 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

More Information & Registration

This issue sponsored by Infoblox:
IPAM Freeware and Gartner Report Available from Infoblox.
Fully functional. Updated in 2010. Say goodbye to spreadsheets
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Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

F5's Erick Hammersmark shows how F5's Big IP WAN optimization appliance now supports inter-datacenter transfers of VMware-based virtual machines ('vMotion' style) without clients missing a hitch.

Image Gallery: Top 16 Google Services

Google offers a wide array of services. Some are quite evolved, but some could use some work. Here are the ones that we think are the most compelling.

Government IT Leadership Forum

Join this exclusive gathering of government technology executives to hear first-hand how they're driving change and innovation in federal IT services and operations. Prominent CIOs from civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies will engage an audience of their peers in an open discussion of intelligence gathering and sharing, cybersecurity, open government, cloud computing, and much more.

It happens June 15, 2010 in Washington, DC

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