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HP TouchPad Visual Tour | LulzSec Successors Strike

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, June 30, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistLulzSec Successors Press On, Hitting Viacom, AZ
By Elizabeth Montalbano
Hacking groups Anonymous and #AntiSec mount attacks on media companies and a previous LulzSec government target.

LulzSec Hackers Retire: Time To Rethink Risk
How LulzSec Hackers Outsmart Security Gurus

HP TouchPad Tablet: Visual Tour
The newest competitor in the tablet wars has finally arrived. HP's TouchPad running WebOS is a very compelling hardware and software combination...

HP TouchPad Review: OS Beauty Vs. Design Bulk
HP's TouchPad won't make you put down your iPad 2, or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it will make you wish those tablets had the TouchPad's software innovations and user experience.

Should Your Enterprise Buy Cloud Insurance?
IEEE's CIO suggests that FDIC-style insurance may be one way to allay fears among enterprises about the security risks involved with cloud computing.

Apigee: A Speed Lane To Safer Mobile Purchasing
Apigee's API management system makes it simpler for even small companies to implement PCI-compliant APIs--a vital requirement for mobile commerce transactions.

5 Executive Blogging Questions, Answered
Your executives should be blogging. Answering these questions will help them get started the right way and on the path to posting with passion, commitment, and authenticity.

Firefox Upgrades Too Fast For Enterprises
Mozilla mulls how to make its Firefox update strategy more business-friendly, but one exec tells enterprises to accelerate software deployments.

Is There An Online Backup Price War?
CrashPlan Pro debuts with both unlimited data and unlimited PC plans as SMBs sift through an increasingly crowded field of online backup players for the right mix of capacity and price.

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Firefox Upgrades Too Fast For Enterprises
Is There An Online Backup Price War?
2011 State Of The Data Center
Calculating The Cost: Email Threats and Financial Risks
HP TouchPad Tablet: Visual Tour
Find an Assured Unix Platform For Oracle Applications with SPARC and Solaris
Live Event: InformationWeek Healthcare IT Leadership Forum

Posted By elfsun:
"I don't like my browser to pop pu the update dialog once again in a short time without any big improvement. Don't be so annoying as Adobe"
In reply to: Firefox Upgrades Too Fast For Enterprises
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Posted By pcalento011:
"Partner to partner disclosures are typically far too vague and discretionary. We need to ask ahead of time and hold our vendors accountable."
In reply to: We Need A Better Breach Disclosure Playbook
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2011 State Of The Data Center
Data centers face increased resource demands and flat budgets. IT can do more to boost efficiency, but now is also the time to rethink the assumptions that go into traditional data center designs. We show you steps you can take today to squeeze more from what you have, and also provide guidance on building a next-generation data center.
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Featured Report

Deduplication To Optimize Disaster Recovery
Designing infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery requires a mix of business and technological savvy. Deduplication at the disk and the network level can make it easier to move and store critical information in your DR environment.
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Featured Report


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Calculating The Cost: Email Threats and Financial Risks
When deciding whether to invest in an email security solution -- and which solution to opt for -- businesses need to understand the extent of the costs they risk incurring if they have either no or inadequate protection in place. This white paper will help you understand not just your level of exposure to email-borne threats but also the potential cost if your business becomes a victim.
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Research: 2011 State of the Data Center
In this report, we'll analyze survey results from 427 data center professionals to profile IT's struggles to measure power and other resources, examine the tools and technologies being used (and not being used), and discuss ways that we can improve the efficiency of our current data center facilities.
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HP TouchPad Tablet: Visual Tour
The newest competitor in the tablet wars has finally arrived. HP's TouchPad running WebOS is a very compelling hardware and software combination that proves easy to use. It's not completely polished, however. Here's a look at the star features.

Office 365 Vs. Google Apps: Top 10 Enterprise Concerns
Is Microsoft Office 365 ready to rumble with the ease of use and lower cost of archrival Google Apps? Consider this point-by-point comparison for enterprises.

Office 365: 7 Missing Features For Enterprises
With its new cloud-based suite, Microsoft is striking back at Google Apps. But consider these shortcomings in key areas.

10 Lessons In IT Strategy From Ex-HP CIO Randy Mott
Here are some key insights from our past interviews.

17 Leading EHR Vendors
Electronic Health Records can help healthcare providers in the delivery and management of care to patients, including those with chronic conditions. The systems can also bolster decision making by providing clinicians with more comprehensive patient data, as well as help eliminate medical errors and reduce costs associated with unnecessary or redundant tests. Health care providers can access real-time clinical information, such as immediate access to test results, which allows them to initiate appropriate treatment or follow-up, and to anticipate and mitigate potential problems, more easily and much earlier that without access to EHR data. This potential to improve patient care has contributed to more than half of physicians utilizing EHR systems according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics preliminary 2010 estimates. The cost of implementing these systems is significant, however; a CDW Healthcare survey pegged it upwards of $100,000 per physicians. These costs make vendor selection a crucial step in EHR adoption. In this directory, you'll find 17 of the leading vendors along with information about the products they provide and the value to doctors.



8 Great Collaboration Tools For HR Take a look at these eight leading HR platforms and examples of what their collaboration features have done for other companies.   View Now

14 Cool Mobile Apps From Uncle Sam
Office 365 Vs. Google Apps: Top 10 Enterprise Concerns


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HP TouchPad Tablet: Hands-On Demo
HP's new TouchPad tablet is a bit bulkier than the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it is fast and its WebOS operating system is easy to use and powerful, with some innovative features. Here's our hands on demo, including some fun apps.   Watch

Microsoft Demonstrates Office 365 Collaboration
06.28.11 How Seriously Is Wall Street Taking Dodd-Frank?



Find an Assured Unix Platform For Oracle Applications with SPARC and Solaris
This webcast will examine how Oracle SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris are engineered to provide optimal performance for Oracle software and why they offer an attractive alternative to other Unix platforms. Learn about Oracle's 4 year roadmap for SPARC servers and how Oracle's clear strategy can help you simplify your IT infrastructure and deliver better support for most important business applications. More Information & Registration

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Live Event: InformationWeek Healthcare IT Leadership Forum
Join us on July 12 in New York City, for this day-long event where senior IT executives will come together to discuss how they're advancing state-of-the-art healthcare. Prominent CIOs and other healthcare IT leaders will engage with an audience of their peers in an open discussion of EHR implementation challenges, decision support initiatives, the latest in mobility and cloud computing, and much more.
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Take Our Survey On Content Management In The Enterprise
InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey examining the struggles IT faces in managing content, and whether enterprise content management products make a difference. Those that complete the survey will be entered to win a 32-GB Apple iPod Touch, valued at $299, from UBM TechWeb.
Survey ends July 1.

Virtual Event: Business Mobility Unleashed
Zero in on the top mobile technologies and techniques to ensure your organization thrives in the wireless world. Attend this virtual event and learn about strategies and products that offer remote user applications support, Wi-Fi management, security features, and device management.
It happens Thursday, July 14 -- Register Today!

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