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Greetings, Mr. Anderson

We asked you faithful NWC readers to give us your "Top 11" signs your co-worker thinks he's Neo. Faster than jacking into the Matrix, you responded. As usual, we couldn't fit all the responses in our August 7th issue's Top 11, but we still had to share them.

Some movie trivia, by the way -- Agent Smith aka actor Hugo Weaving can be seen this December reprising his role as Elrond in "LOTR: Return of the King." And if you want to see him in a completely different (but hysterical) light, check out "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

  • He eats only the Red M&Ms -- Greg Martin
  • Signs his name in streaming binary -- Dale Childers
  • Practices Kung Fu moves while in the bathroom stall -- Joseph Nieves
  • Always asking that someone throw something at him so he can dodge it -- Eloi Mallet
  • Reclined in his office chair, with a SCSI cable duct-taped to the back of his head -- Darin Lory
  • Submits 'discuss how deep the rabbit hole goes' as topic for all meeting agendas -- Peter Scott
  • Quietly stretches out hand before saying, "no," to anyone -- Jeffrey Bianchine
  • Says "That's an old neural data port. It's not a hicky -- Henry Rohlfs
  • Keeps trying to plug a cat 5 cable into the back of his head -- Andre Kruger
  • He adds a cookie recipie to the "Oracle" database and insists that you'll feel "just fine" by the time you finish eating them. -- Dave Newman
  • Tries to move in "bullit time" through the server room -- Carol Hammond
  • Seeks out your Oracle server to tell him if he is "the one". -- Kate Allen
  • Desperately searches for the EMP button whenever IT director approaches his cubicle -- David Whittaker
  • Keeps staring at the "Xmatrix" screensaver looking for the woman in the red dress -- David G. Miller
  • Can read PDF file print codes -- Jim FritzHuspen
  • Mysteriously disappears every time a phone rings...leaving you to handle all the user support. -- Ryan Bruins
  • Transformed the server room into a cave like dwelling -- Jeremy Barker
  • Suggests using an electromagnetic pulse to deal with a virus infection -- Patrick Kingsley
  • When dealing with troublesome users and management, can be heard mumbling, "Why, oh, why didn't I take the BLUE pill?" -- Patrick Kingsley
  • He keeps saying he knows kung-fu, but a third grader could beat him up -- Steve Long
  • Sets up a "test" server, that only test the xmatrix screensaver -- Drew Decker
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