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Gov 2.0 Summit Coverage: National Scanning Initiative

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TOP STORY: Gov 2.0 Summit: Call For National Scanning Initiative

MORE NEWS: HP Sues Mark Hurd Over Oracle Competition

ANALYTIC REPORT: Research: 2010 Strategic Security Survey

WHITEPAPER: Simplifying Data Center Through Virtualization: Strategy Revealed

SLIDESHOW: Top 20 Android Productivity Apps

VIDEO: Intel Parallel Advisor Overview

BLOG: Are Clouds Real?

WEBCAST: Software Asset Management for the CxO

RESOURCES: Take Our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis'. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity." -- John F. Kennedy



Gov 2.0 Summit: Call For National Scanning Initiative

The federal government must rethink how it approaches IT if it wants to achieve open government goals, said founder Carl Malamud, and make digitizing government data a priority.


Gov 2.0 Summit: FCC Offers 'Citizen Developer' Tools

Gov 2.0 Summit: Feds Launch Online Prize Platform

Gov 2.0 Summit: Advocate Calls USASpending Data 'Useless'


HP Sues Mark Hurd Over Oracle Competition

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages and assurances from Hurd that HP's corporate secrets are safe.

Global CIO: Resurrecting Mark Hurd: Larry Ellison's War With IBM

One month after resigning in disgrace from HP, Hurd joins Ellison's pursuit of IBM. Here are Hurd's top 10 challenges.

Samsung Fascinate Debuts This Week At Verizon Stores

Verizon Wireless and Samsung on Tuesday announced that the Fascinate variant of the Galaxy S Android line will hit Verizon stores on September 9.

HTC To Launch Windows Mobile 7 HD3 Smartphone

The device, which will go on sale next week in Australia, will have improved power management, a dual-core 1.5-GHz ARM-based processor, and 4.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

CVS Offers $99 Sylvania Netbook

The drug store chain is reaping sales from the low price point of the computer, which runs Windows CE 6.0 and has a 7-inch display.

Google TV Goes Worldwide In 2011

With the U.S. launch of Google TV fast approaching, Samsung is mulling whether to jump onto the Android bandwagon.

Craigslist Silent On Closing Adult Services Section

Classified ads site slapped a "censored" banner over the former link to the controversial area.

Microsoft Warns Of Malware Faking Virus Alerts

New scareware known as Rogue:MSIL/Zeven uses a social-engineering attack to sucker users into buying a fake antivirus program.

Web 2.0 Expo: The Power of Platforms

In 2009, Google said the Web had won; in 2010, it's clear that the Web is only one platform among many. Web 2.0 Expo New York will take place September 27 through 30 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers.

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Research: 2010 Strategic Security Survey

We've weathered years of stagnant budgets and personnel cuts. Could proof of a massive, sophisticated network of organized attackers formidable enough to drive Google out of China finally open management's eyes to just what it will take to protect our data in the coming decade?

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Featured Report

Research: WAN Optimization

The notion of converged services-everything over IP-along with distributed workforces and the buzz around private clouds and data center consolidation have created a perfect storm of stress on the WAN. Are optimization appliances, physical and virtual, the answer? Nearly 600 business technology professionals weigh in.

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Featured Report


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Simplifying Data Center Through Virtualization: Strategy Revealed

By making infrastructure and data centers more efficient, IT departments free up money for innovation. Virtualization is a vital tool for implementing a data center efficiency strategy, as illustrated by the tips in this comprehensive report.
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Defining Data Center Efficiency: Taking Virtualization to the Next Level with Automation

Virtualization without automation leads to missed opportunities. Next-gen data centers must respond with lightning speed to business needs. Wait days or weeks between the time demand is created and the time the solution becomes available is no longer acceptable. Find out how companies are automating on standardized, open x86 platforms to prepare for growth-without ripping and replace existing infrastructure.
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Top 20 Android Productivity Apps

Android handsets are pouring onto the market every day and there's a deluge of Android apps competing to fills those screens. To sort through the storm surge of app choices, we've trolled through the Android Market to hauled in 20 Android apps that no business user should be without.   View Now


Server Technology Hits A Crossroads

Mobile Football Madness: Best Apps For The Gridiron


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Featured Blogger

Are Clouds Real?

By George Crump

The theme last week at VMworld was 'Virtual Roads, Actual Clouds' which begs the question, are we really to a point that clouds are real? The answer, as always, is 'it depends'. The determent is dependent on where you sit and what your angle of view is, but for the most part clouds are more real for more businesses than they ever were.


Twitter Hit With Another Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

By George Hulme

Over this Labor Day weekend developers at Twitter had to do a bit of additional labor that they should have previously completed - and that's to close a potentially dangerous cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability before things slid out of hand.

Games And Business Get Friendly

By Jim Rapoza

I always get a chuckle when someone is "surprised" that video games can offer value and lessons to business and tech. What a surprise! After all, video games have only been doing that since they first came into existence.

HD And Dual Core Processors Coming To Smartphones

By Paul Korzeniowski

What's next with smartphones? Market research firm Juniper Research expects that vendors will add 3D functionality and switch to high end hardware features, such as dual core processors, in order to continue to drive interest high end smartphones.

Android Steals Share From Everyone In Web Browsing

By Ed Hansberry

Sales numbers are a good sign of how well a device is doing, and Android has nothing to complain about there. Web browsing though is a better indication of how much usage the device is getting. Here too Android has nothing to complain about. In fact, it is the only smartphone platform showing growth.


Software Asset Management for the CxO

This webinar tackles the value proposition for Software Asset Management (SAM), balancing risks and costs with the benefits of a well-governed SAM program. Attendees will receive clear, practical guidance on how to assess their software environments and address software management issues with realistic, effective and efficient solutions leveraging technology, processes, people and governance.

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It happens Tuesday, September 14, 2010 -- 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET
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Take Our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

This fall, the leaders of the public and private sectors will convene at Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss government's critical challenges. Request an invitation to join this unparalleled group of influencers and help shape the future of health care delivery, cybersecurity, financial regulation, and education.

Survey ends September 17th, 2010

Register Today For Web 2.0 Expo

Where do commercial cloud services fit into agency IT planning? Which cloud models, and which types of cloud applications, are of greatest interest? Join your federal government peers at this executive roundtable to explore both the opportunities and challenges that public clouds present to government agencies.

It happens in New York: September 27-30, 2010

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Tapping Into Commercial Clouds

Where do commercial cloud services fit into agency IT planning? Which cloud models, and which types of cloud applications, are of greatest interest? Join your federal government peers at this executive roundtable to explore both the opportunities and challenges that public clouds present to government agencies.

It happens in Washington DC: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seating is Limited. RSVP Today!

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