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Google Subscription Service Undercuts Apple

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TOP STORY: Google Subscription Service Undercuts Apple

MORE NEWS: Motorola Can't 'Envision' Using Windows Phone 7

ANALYTIC REPORT: Networking In A Virtualized World

WHITEPAPER: Business Agility Revealed: How IT Can Enable Business Change with Application Lifecycle Management

SLIDESHOW: As Seen At Mobile World Congress, Day 2

VIDEO: IBM at 100

BLOG: Investing In Social CRM

WEBCAST: How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

RESOURCES: Attend Cloud Connect

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"The really unhappy person is the one who leaves undone what they can do, and starts doing what they don't understand; no wonder they come to grief."
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Google Subscription Service Undercuts Apple

With Google Checkout, publishers will be able to sell digital content on the Web and on devices using a variety of business models.


Google Launches Chrome Site Blocking Extension

Google Seeks Social Networking Face Recognition Patent


Motorola Can't 'Envision' Using Windows Phone 7

Reinforcing its commitment to Android, representatives of the handset maker shot down suggestions that it use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

IBM's Watson Puts Human Rivals In Jeopardy

Big Blue's supercomputer wins both Daily Doubles, but thinks Toronto is a U.S. city.

Global CIO: Google CEO Schmidt Whines About Nokia Snub

Schmidt didn't help his company by criticizing Nokia's choice of Microsoft or by describing a creepy future in which we're never lonely.

IBM Introduces Workload-Optimized Data Center Systems

The zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension adds functionality to IBM's mainframe system, allowing integration and management of Power 7 and x86 blade servers.

Report Blames Northrop Grumman For Virginia Outages

A review of the week-long statewide network outage said it was caused by a combination of human error, faulty hardware, and a failure to follow best practices.

Federal IT Budget Reflects Strategic Cuts, Innovation Investment

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra says government will slash IT budgets where projects aren't working, while spending more on innovation.

HP's Half Step Back Into Data Warehousing

Vertica acquisition fills a big gap, but it also raises questions about Hewlett Packard's alliances and broader ambitions.

Constant Contact Buys Social CRM Developer

Bantam Live was acquired by the SMB-focused online marketing firm to integrate customer data collection and management across email, social media, and other channels.

Google Public Data Explorer Admits Public

The visualization tool can now be used to create graphs and charts from personally provided data sets.

Android Trojan Practices Click Fraud

HonTouTou malware hidden with repackaged -- typically, pirated -- applications first surfaced on third-party online software markets in China.

Oracle Releases Database Firewall

Software monitors databases in real time to prevent SQL injection attacks or unauthorized behavior.

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Networking In A Virtualized World

Virtualization is rapidly evolving into a core element of next-generation data centers. This expanded role places new strains on the network. This report explores the technical issues exposed by virtualized infrastructure and looks at standards, technologies, and best practices that can make your network ready to support virtualization.

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Featured Report

Storage Utilization: Data Dedupe Gains Ground, Albeit Slowly

As the volume of corporate data continues to grow, IT pros keep investing in new storage usage technologies. Compression still ranks No. 1, according to InformationWeek Analytics' 2010 Data Deduplication Survey, though respondents rely increasingly on dedupe, as well as thin provisioning and MAID. We also compare 2010 market trends with our 2009 research.

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Featured Report


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Business Agility Revealed: How IT Can Enable Business Change with Application Lifecycle Management

Businesses need to address changing markets and environments. That is only possible when IT systems can provide the flexibility to meet strategic needs. To truly enable business change, IT managers must develop agile approaches to planning, developing, deploying, and operating software applications through adequate application lifecycle management.
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Exchange 2010 Data Protection Tips

Exchange Server administrators need to protect databases and provide disaster recovery. Check out this report to learn how to create volume-based copies of data using snapshots, clones and replicas by automating data protection and recovery operations.
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As Seen At Mobile World Congress, Day 2

This event is typically a chance for the entire mobile ecosystem to gather -- mobile operators, handset manufacturers, software providers, mobile service companies, carrier equipment and more. Most of the new technology is incremental in nature, but it's always fun to see what new ideas pop up.   View Now


Meat, Mobile and Me

Intel Showcases MeeGo Tablet UI And Other Apps


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Featured BloggerInvesting In Social CRM

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Constant Contact just shelled out a cool $15 million to build out its social media platform. That's how confident company executives are that social networking is the key to success for small businesses.


Go Green With Download Services

By Lamont Wood

Using courier services to deliver files by hand makes no sense, even if they are too big for e-mail delivery.

What If Storage Hardware Mattered?

By George Crump

It seems like every week I speak to a storage hardware company that informs me that they are really a software company. What they typically mean by this is that they are trying to differentiate themselves by the software capabilities that they put on top of the storage hardware more so than the actual hardware itself. This means that the hardware is basic. The reality is we need great hardware manufacturers more than ever.

LifeSize Enhances Video Conferencing Systems

By Paul Korzeniowski

Corporate use of video conferencing systems is on the rise. To widen its market niche, LifeSize enhanced its solution, with the highlight being support for HD content on mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Successful Security: It Is In The Details

By George Hulme

Security is both hard to do right, and easy to make the simple mistakes that could jeopardize the security of most any organization. It may be a mistake that comprises of being a single digit off. And that one number could be the difference between a secure network and one that is readily breached. That was the overriding message in a Security B-Sides Conference presentation given today by Mike Lloyd, chief scientist at security software maker Red Seal Systems.


How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

Join Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek & TechWeb and Paul Brunet, Vice President, IBM WebSphere and BPM Product Marketing for a discussion on how savvy business managers are using technology to chart a path to growth, partnering with their technology departments to deliver value, and creating an unprecedented advantage over the competition.

It happens Wednesday, February 23, 2010 -- Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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Learn how to take the next step in cloud computing at Cloud Connect, the leading conference and expo for IT professionals, executives, and developers.

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