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Google Kills Services | Amazon Plans Android Smartphone

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  Friday, July 06, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Amazon Plans Android Smartphone
By Eric Zeman
Amazon is working on its own Android-based smartphone to compete with Apple and Google in the digital content arena.

Android Botnet Seen Spewing Spam
Verizon Launches HTC, Samsung 4G LTE Smartphones

Google Plans End Of iGoogle
Google continues its product purge, with five more products getting the axe.

Amazon Cloud Outage Causes Customer To Leave
Online dating site dumps EC2 following June outages, but other customers say they can architect against failure in the Amazon infrastructure.

Navy, Microsoft Sign $700 Million Agreement
Deal consolidates previous Microsoft licenses into one enterprise agreement covering desktop and server software.

Throw Hardware At The Problem
Sometimes you have to fix a performance problem quickly. Solid state storage can help you do that, if you consider these tips.

Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple: The Joke's On You
Consider these alternative viewpoints on the IT world's top news stories, straight from InformationWeek's Valley View Web show.

World Domination Summit: A Personal Life Strategy?
An innovation junkie attends a gathering of "amazing people" seeking a "remarkable life in a conventional world." But are they just bragging and promoting themselves?

Quantivo Targets Marketing Analytics At Web Scale
With digital marketing, cloud apps, and interest in big-data analytics on the rise, Quantivo is at the middle of three of the hottest trends in technology.

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo." -- H. G. Wells (1866-1946)


World Domination Summit: A Personal Life Strategy?
Quantivo Targets Marketing Analytics At Web Scale
Research: Private Cloud Vision vs. Reality
How to Choose a Cloud Service Provider
Secret Spy Satellite Takes Off: Stunning Images
Supporting an Enterprise-wide Data Archive and Retention Strategy
Virtual Event: SIP Trunking: The Straight Scoop

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Posted By charlie468:
"I love my iGoogle. I suppose when it is gone there will be no reason not to take another look at IE. I went to Chrome a long time ago but IE has caught up with speed and tabs."
In reply to: "Google Plans End Of iGoogle"
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Posted By ANON123792515:
"XP could have been put out to pasture long ago, yet Microsoft is documenting and supporting a migration and not charging extra for it."
In reply to: Windows 8 Upgrade FAQ: How To Go Metro
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Research: Private Cloud Vision vs. Reality
We asked 87 respondents with private clouds in place about their experiences and quizzed 123 more who are just starting initiatives about their expectations. We also asked 204 respondents who aren't aiming for a private cloud about their concerns. 32% say their applications are a major hurdle-and even more say they just don't have the budget for new initiatives. Are they right to hold back?
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Featured Report
Informed CIO: VDI Snake Oil Check
You won't lose your shirt on a desktop virtualization initiative, but don't expect it to be simple to architect, easy to implement--or free of unforeseen complications. The bigger question is, will it help you along to the next stage in end user support?
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Featured Report


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How to Choose a Cloud Service Provider
One aspect of the cloud is the freedom it brings with no term or volume commitments, pay as you go pricing, and ease of entry and exit. Those points are all appealing, but choosing a cloud service provider is a serious decision. Download this white paper to understand both sides of the story.
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Storage Data Protection Strategies in Today's Data Center
Over the years, data protection has changed with the goal of protecting an enterprise's data from device failure expanding to encompass software failure, human error, site outages and theft. Download this report to learn how to choose the right storage platform that will ensure minimal planned and unplanned downtime or even continuous operations.
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Secret Spy Satellite Takes Off: Stunning Images
The National Reconnaissance Office provides satellite imagery for intelligence operations and national defense. Here's a look at the agency's most recent rocket launches.

Windows 8 Upgrade FAQ: How To Go Metro
Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to get PC users onto its new OS; here's what you need to know.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Key Features
Microsoft's Windows 8 includes a host of new features and capabilities to keep desktop PCs a centerpiece of business and consumer computing in the age of smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
Microsoft's slick new Windows 8 Surface tablet looks great, though pricing remains a question. Get up close with 10 of its most compelling features.

11 Super Mobile Medical Apps
Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Doctors are adopting mobile apps that make them more effective, and patients are taking to ones that give them more control over their healthcare. Here are 11 apps that stand out from the crowd.


Intel Puts Future On Exhibit
Imagine life without house keys or using an entire wall as a touch display. Walk through an exhibit of some of Intel's most intriguing research projects to date.   View Now

Google Nexus 7 Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
The iPhone 1.0 Anniversary Quiz


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Google Ventures: A Hands On Startup Fund
Google Ventures is Google's investment arm, but unlike similar entities at technology companies, Google is hands on, helping with engineering, product, marketing and other talent that a startup might need to succeed. Partner David Krane explains.   Watch

Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple.: The Joke's On You
Google Art Project Now Uses Google Plus Hangouts



Supporting an Enterprise-wide Data Archive and Retention Strategy
Join us as we discuss the best practices for controlling the expanding data growth through an effective data archiving strategy, significantly improving application performance, mitigating the risks associated with data retention needs, and reducing the costs of managing storage. More Information & Registration

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Virtual Event: SIP Trunking: The Straight Scoop
SIP trunking has the potential to save your enterprise big dollars, but it's not a slam dunk. You need to match the capabilities against the cost, and determine whether it's the right fit for you. This virtual event from our colleagues at Enterprise Connect will feature detailed presentations by independent technology experts who will give you the straight scoop--what SIP trunking can deliver, what it can't, and how much it really costs.
It happens July 11

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