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Google Keep: Beware Evernote? | 9 Cloud Computing Pioneers

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  Tuesday, March 19, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist 9 More Cloud Computing Pioneers
By Charles Babcock
These industry leaders helped to propel cloud computing to the forefront of technology innovation.

10 Cloud Computing Pioneers
Will VMware Challenge Amazon Head On?

Google 'Keep' App Outed: Beware Evernote?
Screenshots of an unreleased Google service called Keep suggest that the company will return to providing users with a note taking app.

Is Apple Losing War Of Words?
Playing hard to get isn't helping Apple anymore. Here are 4 words it must embrace to fight off hard-talking rivals like Google and Samsung.

10 Space Technologies That Help On Earth
A portable communications system and an ultrasound machine for telemedicine are the latest additions to the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Anonymous DDoS Attack Report Bogus, Spamhaus Says
Anti-spam service says Russian malware gang launched attack, claims Anonymous accusation was the work of a man listed in its spammer directory.

HTTPS Security Encryption Flaws Found
Security researchers find weaknesses that could be exploited to crack some types of encrypted Web communications.

Samsung Smartwatch In The Works
Samsung's wearable device will do many of the same things that a smartphone can.

Chubb CIO Explains His No-Stress Social Rollout
Jim Knight, global CIO for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, says the company's move to Jive is all about innovation and collaboration.

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." -- Roger Miller

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Big Data: Hype Vs. Hope At Interop
InteropNet's Live Wire Act
Interop Preview: Expert Advice On Building Private Cloud

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Posted By theBigE:
"A flagship product that is aggressively priced would be a big catalyst towards increasing Windows 8 hardware quickly. Otherwise, like Windows 7, it will take some serious time."
In reply to: "Windows 8 Sales Stall: 3 Strategies"
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  Digital Issue  
A well-defended perimeter is only half the battle in securing the government's IT environments. Agencies must also protect their most valuable data.

ALSO: The White House's gun control efforts are at risk of failure because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' outdated Firearms Tracing System is in need of an upgrade.

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Strategy: Is Unified Communications A Good Investment?
Yes, say most respondents to our UC survey who've done ROI studies. But the message isn't getting out. Here's how CIOs and providers can put stalled initiatives back on track.
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Eight Steps To Securing Small Databases
In this report, we recommend database security strategies and tools for smaller enterprises and workgroups--as well as for smaller databases--that have a big stake in protecting their data but don't have big budgets or skilled, and dedicated, security staff.
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Protecting Sensitive Data In And Around An Oracle Database
This white paper provides an overview of the sensitive files in and around the Oracle database that enterprises need to secure in order to achieve optimal database security.
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Data Security Best Practices
Company data is one of the most valuable assets of any business. So it's no surprise data protection is at the top of every IT checklist when it comes to file sharing and storage. But what are the necessary steps to stop a data breach as it's happening? And most importantly, how can companies proactively prevent data breach in the first place? Learn why file server attacks happen and best practices to avoid data intrusion for any business.
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Apple iPhone 5S: Best And Worst Rumors
What will Apple's next iPhone, or iPhones, look like? As the rumors fly, we separate the likely from the ludicrous for the iPhone 5S.

Google 'Keep' App Outed: Beware Evernote?
Screenshots of an unreleased Google service called Keep suggest that the company will return to providing users with a note taking app.

Samsung Galaxy S 4: Visual Tour
Samsung's new Galaxy S 4 smartphone offers unique features to challenge Apple's iPhone. Take a closer look.

BlackBerry Z10 Hands-On: First Impressions
BlackBerry 10 — not just the phones, but the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 software — will make or break the former smartphone giant. BYTE obtained an BlackBerry Z10 for evaluation. We haven't yet tested the most interesting enterprise features, but some features of the phone, especially the predictive soft keyboard, have already won us over.

3 Warning Signs Your IT Team Is Job Hunting
Do you know how to spot clues that your IT team members may soon leave? Consider this expert advice on IT talent retention.


10 Space Technologies That Help On Earth
NASA nurtured many innovations, from a portable communications system to an ultrasound machine for telemedicine, that have made the leap from space to Earth.   View Now

9 More Cloud Computing Pioneers
Apple iPhone 5S: Best And Worst Rumors


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Bob Metcalfe Plans Ethernet's 40th
The 'Father of Ethernet' comes back to PARC, the scene of the crime, to talk about Ethernet's future -- including a 40th birthday bash in May.   Watch

CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
CES; the car show



Safe And Secure Cloud Computing: Is There Such A Thing?
For some companies, security concerns are an inhibitor to their fully embracing this new computing paradigm. Where exactly is my data? Can the "Cloud" crash? Can the cloud meet my compliance requirements? Join this free informational webcast on Thursday, March 28, 2013 to help you identify and navigate through the decisions you need to make as you plan for your IT future. More Information & Registration

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