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Google Apps, Office 365 Prep for War | Ultimate Business Tablet

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, June 23, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistThe Ultimate 'Business' Pad Defined
By Art Wittmann
The tablet I want might not be what my employer wants -- and that might not matter all that much.

Don't Dismiss The iPad And Other Tablets As Just Hype
Consumerization Of IT Is No Fad

Google Apps Vs. Office 365: Prepare For Battle
With the impending launch of Microsoft's cloud-based version of Office, Google is celebrating customer wins as it girds for war.

Microsoft's New Cloud Chief Dismisses Sales Scare Talk
Satya Nadella, in his first public appearance since taking over for Microsoft's Bob Muglia, said that the cloud age equals a sales opportunity for Microsoft, not a threat.

The End Is Near For Paid Antivirus On PCs
The rise of free but "good enough" software spells an end to the days of having to pay for PC antivirus software.

Do Nonsocial SMBs Know Something We Don't?
Nearly half of online adults in the U.S. are on a social network, but branded usage by smaller companies is closer to 25%. Here are four reasons why it may be smart for nonsocial SMBs to stay that way for now.

Drupal Gets Social Software Facelift
Acquia's Commons 2.0 community management tool provides Facebook-style activity feeds with like and share buttons for the open source content management system.

Call Center In The Cloud: Cheaper And Simpler
Car warranty business' move to a cloud-based contact center platform eased IT maintenance demands and slashed computing hardware capital expenses.

Air Force Brass Get Secure Smartphones
General Dynamics will provide 300 new devices to leaders of the military service branch, part of a broader move across the Department of Defense to make classified data more portable.

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. --Jon Bon Jovi


Call Center In The Cloud: Cheaper And Simpler
Air Force Brass Get Secure Smartphones
Deduplication To Optimize Disaster Recovery
Best Practices for Protecting against Malware in Adobe's PDF Format
Firefox 5.0: 5 Reasons To Upgrade
Find an Assured Unix Platform For Oracle Applications with SPARC and Solaris
Special Report: Enterprise 2.0

Posted By lchinm5h:
"Rather than stating - in essence - that AV is dead or that we shouldn't pay for it anymore, a more accurate statement would be that TRADITIONAL AV only protection is dead and should be free."
In reply to: The End Is Near For Paid Antivirus On PCs
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Posted By lacertosus:
"Google's cloud 'office suite' is much much cheaper than Microsoft's 360! For home users, google docs is free. I guess Google won without even having to go to battle."
In reply to: Google Apps Vs. Office 365: Prepare For Battle
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Deduplication To Optimize Disaster Recovery
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Best Practices for Protecting against Malware in Adobe's PDF Format
What is one of the predominant ways that your computers become infected with malware? PDF documents. Virus writers utilize scripting within PDF documents and security holes in the Reader software to load malware code. Discover how to detect threats from PDFs and learn how to protect your computers and IT systems.
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Firefox 5.0: 5 Reasons To Upgrade
Stability, speed, and better Android support stand out among changes in the newest version of Mozilla's popular Firefox browser.

LulzSec Takes Hit, Keeps On Hacking
British authorities charge teenager with launching DDoS attack, and anti-LulzSec group says it's tracing identities of the hacking group's members.

Nokia's N9 Beautiful, But Not Business-Ready
The first--and last--MeeGo handset is a gorgeous piece of hardware that will have little impact on Nokia's smartphone ambitions.

Google Apps Vs. Office 365: Prepare For Battle
With the impending launch of Microsoft's cloud-based version of Office, Google is celebrating customer wins as it girds for war.

ONC Solicits Feedback On Health IT Strategic Plan
Public comments are due April 22 on the plan, which outlines how the federal government will implement health IT initiatives over the next five years.



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12 Hot Mobile Medical Apps


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Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess and BYTE Editor Gina Smith: A deep demo of SampleWiz.



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