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Google Apps: Buckled In at GM? | 10 Epic iPad Apps

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Friday, November 11, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist10 Epic iPad Apps
By Thomas Claburn
Apple's iPad completely changed the way people think about tablets and mobile computing. These 10 must-have iPad apps will help you understand why.

11 iPad Apps For Better Collaboration
iOS 5 For iPad: 5 Killer Features

GM And Google Apps: Buckled In?
Carmaker has no comment on reported Google Apps contract, but watchers say leak hints at negotiating tactic by GM. Will GM CIO's wishlist from 2009 come true?

Facebook Privacy: 6 Key Moments
As FTC settlement nears on opt-in privacy settings, take a look back at Facebook's key privacy flaps.

NASA's Newest Mars Rover Prepares For Close-Up
Curiosity, scheduled to land on the Red Planet in August, will try to determine if conditions were ever favorable to support microbial life.

So You Want To Be A Zero Day Exploit Millionaire?
On the active market for reporting and selling zero day vulnerabilities, you can make big money. But you'll have to answer difficult ethical questions.

FBI Botnet Bust Hinged On Public-Private Partnership
International, industry collaboration key to takedown of $14 million click fraud botnet operators.

Sam's Club Shares Early Holiday Deals Via Social, Mobile
Holiday shopping season starts early as Sam's Club gives first look at Black Friday deals to Facebook fans and users of its mobile app.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. -- George Bernard Shaw


FBI Botnet Bust Hinged On Public-Private Partnership
Sam's Club Shares Early Holiday Deals Via Social, Mobile
IT Pro Impact: Windows 8
Virtualization and Data Center Management
Motorola Droid RAZR Due Friday With LTE Deal
Tackling Top Priorities For IT Infrastructure & Operations Leaders
InformationWeek 2012 Midrange SAN Vendor Evaluation Survey

Posted By EVVJSK:
"You can't "flesh things out" at 10000 feet. Unfortunately, quasi-managers want to do everything at10,000 feet (status meetings only, no working meetings allowed)."
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Posted By TreeInMyCube:
"…bean counter decision making has serious consequences for quality of work. My employer has also seen the difference in projects managed across the globe, vs, those carried out in the same timezone. People have only begun to recognize the cost multipliers…"
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IT Pro Impact: Windows 8
Our exclusive research shows many IT organizations are still in the midst of efforts to move to Microsoft's Windows 7 and as such are not ready to jump into a Windows 8 migration now-or, for many, anytime soon. Higher on the docket: Minimizing the need to worry about the underlying OS.
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Strategy: Patch Management
It's no longer sufficient to patch just Windows, Office and IE. With the massive array of applications now residing on enterprise PCs, and the proliferation of mobile and cloud-based applications, your business is far too vulnerable to exploitation unless you have a solid strategy for patch prioritization, deployment and quality assurance. Follow these steps to put your plan in place.
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Featured Report


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Virtualization and Data Center Management
Virtualization presents a tremendous opportunity for IT organizations. Yet deployment involves major process and management complexities.This white paper outlines best practice methodologies that help you tackle challenges brought on by virtualization. Plus, review key questions to ask when evaluating a consolidated management solution.
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Layered Security: Protecting Your Data in Today's Threat Landscape
Today's threats to critical systems and valuable data come from more sources than ever. With attacks occurring from inside organizations, data and IT infrastructure residing in numerous locations, and data traveling across the Internet, clearly its time to retire the perimeter-centric approach to security. Download this paper to learn how to implement a layered approach to security.
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Motorola Droid RAZR Due Friday With LTE Deal
Motorola's 4G RAZR smartphone hits Verizon Wireless stores on November 11 and comes with a juicy mobile broadband offering.

iPhone Battery Bug Fixed By iOS 5.0.1: Early Reports
Most iPhone 4S users who have downloaded and installed iOS 5.0.1 say that the update has completely fixed their iPhone's battery woes.

RIM Tries To Ease Developer Fears On Flash
Research In Motion goes on the offensive after Adobe cans its Flash development efforts.

10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs. From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention.

Smartphone And Mobile Device Guide



Enterprise 2.0: Meet The Launch Pad Finalists
The Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad, a competition focused on innovation in software development, has become a featured attraction at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Participants this year pitched their submissions first via Twitter.   View Now

12 Tech Startups To Watch, For SMBs
12 Cool Tech Innovations Keep You Healthy


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Tackling Top Priorities For IT Infrastructure & Operations Leaders
Join this webinar to understand why IT executives are prioritizing these initiatives, the business value they expect to receive, and recommended steps to address them. It happens Thursday, November 17, 2011 -- Time: 11:00am ET / 8 am PT More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2012 Midrange SAN Vendor Evaluation Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey on the state of database technology in the enterprise. Respond to the survey and be eligible to win an iPad 2.
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Cloud Connect Is Coming!
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