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Facebook Adds Privacy; Citrix Boosts Virtual Desktop

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TOP STORY: Facebook Adds Two Privacy Tools

MORE NEWS: Citrix Boosts Virtual Desktop With Wyse 'Zero Client'

ANALYTIC REPORT: The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

WHITEPAPER: iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Mobile: The Winner Is...

BLOG: Android Ramps Up To 65,000 Shipped Per Day

WEBCAST: The Business Case For Government Clouds

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 Monday, May 17, 2010 


"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it."
-- William Feather 


Facebook Adds Two Privacy Tools

Both tools have to do with stopping unknown devices from logging in to a user's Facebook account.


Facebook Deactivations Gaining Attention

Facebook Board Member's Account Compromised

Joint Chiefs To Increase Social Media Use


Citrix Boosts Virtual Desktop With Wyse 'Zero Client'

With large organizations unsure what makes the best virtual desktop, Wyse and Citrix team up to offer a low profile, low cost alternative.

Microsoft Office 2010 In Pictures

Office 2010 is Microsoft's latest major software release, and it is packed full of features including Web application versions of Office apps, PowerPoint Broadcast, enhancements to Outlook's message management and overall user interface improvements.

Google Ending Nexus One Web Sales

Reversing course, Google plans to increase support for partners selling Android devices in retail stores.

Stolen VA Laptop Contains Personal Data

The theft of the laptop containing Veterans Administration data highlights the challenges of managing cybersecurity on devices belonging to contractors.

Shuttle Atlantis Heads To Final Frontier

Twenty-five year old vehicle lifts off one more time before shuttle program is officially mothballed by NASA.

Telehealth System Offers Universal Connectivity

Ideal Life claims its wireless health monitoring system is the first to transmit and process data to cell phones, tablets, PDAs, and PCs.

Office 2010 Pro Upgrade Is 50% Off

Microsoft business customers with certain licenses can qualify for the discount until the end of June.

Chrome OS Mobile Devices Expected In June

Google's browser-based Chrome operating system is designed for netbooks to boot up in seven seconds or less.

Google Voice Admits Students

The company's online voicemail and calling service is opening its doors to those with .edu e-mail addresses.

Facebook Adds Two Privacy Tools

Both tools have to do with stopping unknown devices from logging in to a user's Facebook account.

  InformationWeek BoardRoom Journal -- May 17, 2010    


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The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

There are multiple technologies on the table that vendors say will help us get a handle on our storage, from both a security/compliance angle as well as a growth perspective. In this report, we'll touch on many of these and help sort out whether deduplication in particular makes sense in your environment.

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5 Steps To Get -- And Stay -- FISMA Compliant And Secure

Implementing a program that is effective in actually securing assets and will continually address compliance is difficult. Guidelines such as the NIST 800 series, the Center for Internet Security Standards or even DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guides are confusing, and furthermore, much of the underlying data to be protected changes so quickly that yearly reviews of controls are woefully ineffective. Here's a better plan.

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iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Mobile: The Winner Is...

This whitepaper will compare the attributes of three Mobile Operating Systems: the BlackBerry OS, the iPhone, and the Windows Mobile OS - so you can choose the best enterprise class OS for your organization.
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Benchmarking Application Performance in a Virtual Environment

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Featured BloggerAndroid Ramps Up To 65,000 Shipped Per Day

By Eric Zeman

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently told investors that its partners are shipping 65,000 Android handsets per day. That's up from 60,000 per day just a few months ago. That's a rate of 24 million Android handsets per year. The Android Army continues to gain momentum, eating into the market share of the competition.


Sprint Delivers Android 2.1 To Samsung Moment

By Eric Zeman

Today Sprint finally began to rollout Android 2.1 to the Samsung Moment. The Moment launched back in October with Android 1.5. The update from 1.5 to 2.1 is huge, bringing tons of new features to the Moment. Unfortunately, the update can not be downloaded over the air.

Adobe vs. Apple: Pray Both Lose

By Thomas Claburn

Adobe's ad campaign proclaiming "love" for Apple is the most ill-conceived publicity stunt in recent memory, excluding perhaps the balloon boy hoax.

Google Killing Web Sales Of Nexus One

By Eric Zeman

Android mastermind Andy Rubin in a blog post today said that Google will stop selling the Nexus One online. Amazing that the company admitted defeat in this experiment, but Google said it will still sell the Nexus One through retail stores.

Cisco Stock: 4 Reasons It's Not Reflecting Blowout Quarter

By Bob Evans

CEO John Chambers says Cisco just had "probably the strongest quarter in our history" and given that storied history, that's a remarkable perspective. But investors have been pooh-poohing Cisco shares, which have actually even fallen a bit: do they know something CIOs should know? Here are four possible explanations from a great equity-research firm.


The Business Case For Government Clouds

In this Webcast, we'll assess the variables that factor into the decision of whether, and how, to implement a cloud computing environment in federal data centers. Issues to be evaluated include the software, hardware, and other related costs; how shared-services efficiencies translate into savings; and the potential for recouping expenses through chargebacks. We also explore usage scenarios where the business case for private clouds is strongest.

It happens Wednesday, May 19.

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Image Gallery: Microsoft Office 2010 In Pictures

Web app versions of Office apps, PowerPoint Broadcast, and enhancements to Outlook's message management are highlights.

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