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Zeus Drives Into Virtual Traffic

Could traffic management be going virtual? Zeus Technology thinks so, and the startup has turned its flagship software into a virtual machine in an attempt to tap growing user demand for virtualization. (See Zeus Launches ZXTM .)

Zeus, which competes with the likes of Citrix and F5, today took the wraps off Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance (ZXTM VA), a mouthful that refers to a virtualized version of its flagship ZXTM product. Like its predecessor, the new package offers application acceleration, XML processing, SSL offload, and similar features -- but within a virtualized data center. (See Zeus Expands ZXTM Family and Zeus Scores $6M.)

ZXTM VA runs with VMwares ESX Server 3. Zeus execs say the software manages incoming network traffic across a cluster of virtual machines. The idea is that, as virtual servers are deployed and removed, incoming applications can be quickly directed to the most available resource, through a process of inspecting, routing, rewriting, and manipulating incoming requests.

"We're not accelerating ESX Server, we're using it as a vehicle to create a virtual appliance," explains Paul Di Leo, the Zeus CEO.

Zeus execs claim that ZXTM VA is the only traffic management solution of its kind. If it's not, analysts indicate it's at least one of just a tiny few.

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