• 02/27/2008
    8:50 PM
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VMware's Tardy Security Move

VMware is Johnny-come-lately to its own security party
Just a few days after a critical vulnerability was discovered in VMware's Windows desktop software, the vendor has ramped up its broader security story.

VMware today announced its VMsafe technology, which it claims will make virtual data centers safer than physical environments.

The virtualization trailblazer has built APIs into VMsafe that it says will enable security vendors to harden VMs against viruses, Trojans, and keyloggers.

Some 20 security vendors have already signed up to work with the VMsafe APIs, although I can't help wondering why this program is being launched now, years after firms started to deploy virtualization.

More than two years ago, for instance, VMware rushed to issue fixes after it was hit with a vulnerability that put its major product lines at risk of code execution attacks.

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