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VMware Automates Data Centers

CANNES, France -- VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, today showcased four new virtual machine management products that bring unprecedented automation of IT service delivery and business continuity to the datacenter. These products extend the VMware virtualization platform by automating previously error-prone, slow and manual processes.

VMware virtual machines are ideally suited for capturing and automating IT processes. VMware virtual machines encapsulate applications and operating systems in standardized, hardware-independent packages that can be easily changed, moved and manipulated. VMwares new management products take full advantage of the mobility and manageability characteristics of virtual machines to deliver scalable, repeatable and efficient IT. The products also leverage VMware VMotionTM and the virtual machine packaging of an application and operating system to provide one uniform way to capture and automate processes.

Today’s IT departments are under increasing pressure to create, deliver and maintain flexible and resilient IT services that respond to changing business conditions and withstand any type of downtime. The process of IT service delivery typically includes multiple steps: build, deploy, update, monitor, recover, and retire. IT departments are often overwhelmed with the sheer number of one-off requests for providing new IT services or updating existing ones. Administrators also lack visibility into the status of IT services leading to risk exposures or errors. Business continuity has also traditionally been an intractable problem.

VMware’s new products leverage virtual machines to automate the steps of the IT service delivery and business continuity processes, eliminating repetitive, rote tasks and minimizing the margin for error. The result can be scalable, repeatable and efficient IT processes.

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