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Vizioncore Debuts 2.0

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Vizioncore Inc, a leading provider of strategic software solutions for VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), today announced the general availability of esxReplicator 2.0, which provides powerful and cost-effective replication for VI3 implementations.

In physical infrastructures, disaster recovery solutions can be difficult and expensive to deploy and maintain, often requiring a high-level of expenditure on redundant equipment. With virtualization, entire server environments can be encapsulated as virtual machines (VMs) and treated like files, allowing customers to establish cost-effective business continuity strategies by replicating VMs from host machines to central libraries or secondary sites from which they can easily be restored.

With esxReplicator 2.0, the entire VM can be replicated from many hosts to a single host and between different hardware platforms. Replication is performed on a per VM basis at the storage block level, which allows customers to replicate changes to the VM, including the level of allocated hardware resources, guest operating system, applications and data.

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