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Verizon Extorts From Google; Keeps Most Bandwidth For Itself

Verizon is prominent among the Telcos that are trying to force sites like Google to pay extortion money so that they get adequate bandwidth. Now there's word that Verizon plans on hogging more than 80% of its fiber optic network in order to provide its own TV service, while demanding that Web sites pay premium fees for the leftovers.

That's according to a Business Week article, which cites documents Verizon filed with the FCC as its source of information.

Verizon is just one in a long line of Telcos, including AT&T, whose cyberextortion plans are taken straight out of the Tony Soprano playbook.

But Amazon, Google and other Web sites are fighting back. They're taking the fight to the U.S. Senate on Feb. 7 during a hearing on telecom reform.

"The Bells have designed a broadband system that squeezes out the public Internet in favor of services or content they want to provide," Paul Misener, vice-president for global policy at, told Business Week.

In addition, Google told Networking Pipeline's Paul Kapustka in no uncertain terms that it will never pay cyberextortion.

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