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Users Rally Round Remote Solutions

The global market for WAN optimization products is gaining steam, as remote sites generate fresh loads of data requiring safe and compliant storage.

Cases in point:

  • Riverbed today announced a major global deal to supply its Steelhead Appliances to LG Electronics.
  • Juniper has clinched a deal with New Zealand-based document management agency Sublime. (See Sublime Accelerates With Juniper.)
  • Packeteer made its first Tacit-related technology announcement this week, unveiling the latest version of Tacit's Mobiliti software, for file backup on laptops and remote desktops. (See Packeteer Intros 6.0.)

All this news points to ongoing interest in technologies that reduce network bandwidth requirements for companies of all kinds, while improving the quality of access and backup via wide-area file services (WAFS). (See No Easy Fix for Branch Office Blues.)

The market for tools in this space is growing. According to Infonetics Research, the WAN optimization appliance market increased 49 percent worldwide in 2005 to $236 million this year, and unit shipments increased 39 percent year-over-year. Infonetics forecasts double-digit annual growth at least through 2009, with annual unit shipments almost tripling and revenue more than doubling. (See WAN Market Tops $236M.)

So, back to what's new: LG Electronics, which is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, opted to deploy Riverbed's WAN optimization devices when it realized that with a growing number of applications running across its infrastructure, its network was being stretched to capacity. At least one application, the vendor's purchase/sales/inventory program, was inaccessible to at least one remote site.

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