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Tripwire Adds Remediation Manager To Enterprise 8.0

Tripwire has added a feature called Remediation Manager to their Enterprise 8.0, a product that already protects and identifies changes to the network that may create security risks. Remediation Manager adds the capability to correct those changes automatically. When Enterprise 8.0 detects configuration changes or changes in files that conflict with policy, Remediation Manager automatically makes the necessary changes to bring the system back into compliance with the security requirements of industry standards such as HIPAA for health care, SOX for public companies, PCI DSS for credit card processing and others, as well as a company's own security policies.

The Remediation Manager avoids the tedious and time-consuming task for IT staff of manually making configuration and file changes to come back into compliance. Sometimes one organization has to comply with multiple standards, for instance, a publicly-traded hospital corporation that accepts credit cards for treatment, that can sometimes conflict. "That can drive people crazy," said Michael Thelander, product marketing manager for Tripwire. Once a configuration or file change has been detected, the Remediation Manager automatically prescribes the fix, notifies the appropriate people in IT and operations of the change, receives approval and executes the change in a process that is "transparent and traceable," said Thelander.

Tripwire claims that Remediation Manager can fix 98 percent of failed configuration tests in computer networks running Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux and Solaris operating systems. One Tripwire customer planning to implement Remediation Manager is Kevin Quinlan, senior IT director for Bertucci's, a Massachusetts-based Italian restaurant chain, who said in a prepared statement that the feature will "accelerate our remediation processes as we bring systems back into compliance."

Tripwire competes in the configuration management, file integrity and remediation space against companies like BigFix, which was acquired by IBM July 1, and Solidcore Systems, which was acquired by McAfee in 2009. Enterprise Manager 8.0, which was released Monday, is priced at $995 per server node, and is available as an upgrade to version 8.0 for those who already have a previous version is only $145 per node, said Thelander.