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Top Ten Storage Networking Stars

Grab a cold beverage, crack your knuckles, and settle into a comfy chair. OK. You're ready for Byte and Switch's newest Top Ten list a ranking of the most important and influential people in storage networking.

Sure, any brainless schmoe can name his or her Top Ten favorite movies of all time. But hardly anyone can name a Top Ten list of all-time great storage networking stars. Well, shame on you. We can, and we did.

Not just any old biffer who's ever bought us a drink [ed. note: hint, hint] gets a place on this list – oh, no. There are rules to be followed. Please read them carefully before you rush to submit your own list that only obeys half of them. And if you do send us your list, try not to include yourself, eh?

The rankings on our Top Ten Storage Networking Stars list (we were going to call it the "Top Ten Movers and Shakers" but somehow that just sounded so... 1951) are based on the following criteria:

    Rule No. 1: Proven Track Record – Self explanatory.

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