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Top Ten Private Storage Networking Companies: Page 8 of 26

Not only that – it’s got a couple of strong financial backers behind it,
including Merrill Lynch & Co.
(NYSE: MER) and Credit
Suisse First Boston
, which recently contributed to its $30 million second
round of funding.

TrueSAN plans to hit the road again in October to look for more
funding – although it claims it’s not relying on this, as it already has
paying customers (see TrueSAN Secures $30M in Funding), a rare phenomenon in this young
market. Its
customer base includes Personify, an e-business
software maker; Mercy
, a U.S. healthcare provider; and Russo & Hale LLP, an IT
law firm in Silicon Valley.

Isakovich's modest goal is to do to EMC what Dell Computer Corp. (Nasdaq:
DELL) once did to IBM Corp.

(NYSE: IBM). Maybe he will – but only provided he steers clear of the DOJ.

Big BlueArc

Everything about BlueArc
is BIG: the money – more than $100 million in funding to date (see
BlueArc Wins $72M Round); the product – a monster box that uses specialized chips to
deliver throughput approaching 2 Gbit/s; but most especially... the