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Top Dos & Don'ts of iSCSI

iSCSI is coming into its own. The technology that enables storage gear to directly attach to Ethernet LANs in defiance of Fibre Channel has moved from the early adopter to the implementation stage.

Analysts wax bullish on iSCSI's prospects for 2008. Market researcher IDC predicts that the growth of VMware will pave the way for more iSCSI deployments than ever before; and analyst Nik Simpson of the Burton Group sees iSCSI making headway: All companies, no matter how large or small, are at least examining whether or not iSCSI is a good fit for them,” he notes.

As the hockey stick curves upward for iSCSI, the realities of implementing this storage networking option are rising to the surface, forcing adopters to look carefully at the pros and cons.

What follows is a look at the key "Dos" and "Don'ts" of iSCSI, taken from the experience of companies that have already "made the switch."

Do evaluate cost against alternatives
You may be pleasantly surprised. Standards-based systems are priced lower than products based on proprietary interfaces, and such is the case with iSCSI devices, which are built on a TCP/IP foundation.

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